Add Gmail Account to Outlook After Enabled Gmail IMAP Settings

Gmail is the most popular email service that many of the users use in their web browsers. Then need to log in constantly to their accounts and access their emails. When the users want to get rid of the constant need to login to their account, then they use the Outlook as a suitable platform to add their accounts and enjoy the new features.

Outlook offers to add the Gmail account easily by using the email address and its password. The latest versions of Outlook have reduced the procedure to add the account directly without mentioning the port number for the IMAP accounts. After you have enabled the IMAP settings in Gmail, then you can go ahead in adding the account in Outlook.

  1. Start Outlook and click File.
    Start Outlook and click File
  2. Click the Add account button.
    Click the Add account button
  3. Input the Gmail account’s email address
    Input the Gmail account’s email address
  4. Click Connect.
  5. Input the Password of the account and click Connect.
    Input the Password of the account and click Connect

Outlook will connect with the account and send a test email to establish the connection.

Manual connection of Gmail with Outlook

  1. Start Outlook, and click File and go to Add Account.
  2. After opening the wizard, click Advanced Options.
  3. Click the checkbox to Let Me Setup my Account Manually.
  4. Input Email address and click Connect.
  5. Click IMAP.
  6. Input the account’s password. Then click Connect.
  7. The IMAP Account Settings, there are multiple options to input the incoming and outgoing mail server details.
    Incoming Mail Server
    Require SSL: Yes
    Port: 993
    Outgoing Mail Server
    Require SSL: Yes
    Require TLS: Yes
    Require Authentication: Yes
    Port: 465
    Port for TLS: 587
    User Name Full user name
    Email Address Full Gmail email address
    Password Associated password of the Gmail account.
  8. Click More Settings and go to the Outgoing Server tab. Here, you need to click the checkbox to My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication. Then click the first option to Use the same settings as my incoming mail server.
  9. Go to the Advanced tab, in the incoming server, write 993 and for the encryption connection, choose the SSL from the dropdown. Similarly, in the Outgoing server, write 587, and for the encryption connection, choose TLS from the dropdown. Use the other checkboxes for Sent Items and Deleted Items. Click OK.
  10. Outlook will make the connection with the IMAP server and logon to the incoming mail server. Then send a test e-mail message.
  11. A final message will appear that you’re all set. Click Finish.

Two-factor authentication for Gmail account

When your Google account has enabled the two-factor authentication, then you will find that both automatic and manual methods to connect the Gmail account with Outlook are failed. The Outlook will not be able to connect with the Gmail with the normal password only. But, you do not need to disable the two-factor authentication and use a separate app-password. The app-password is the application-specific password that you can use instead of the original password.
Here is the process to generate the app-password from Gmail;

  1. Login to your Gmail account and go to its settings page. Then go to the Security category and click App Passwords. It will show you the already created password also.
  2. To create a new password, click Others. Provide a name to the app-password, then click the Generate button.
  3. Gmail will automatically create a definite app-password consisting of 16 distinct characters present the group of 4 characters.
  4. Copy the password and use it in the password field of the Add Account wizard.
  5. Now, Outlook will find it easier to connect with Gmail.

There are multiple advantages that the users will enjoy while using their Gmail account with Outlook;

  1. The protection of the Gmail content in the Outlook is almost doubled. The spam messages find it harder to bypass Microsoft’s security features. The email filters of the Outlook separate the fishy emails to a separate folder automatically.
  2. The email management is better in Outlook where you can easily search the desired email move them to other folders.
  3. The user can easily block unwanted emails from any sender.
  4. The user can incorporate multiple users in a single Outlook application.

When the Gmail accounts are saved in the Outlook, then a new PST file is created for the user. If the PST file gets corrupt due to any factor, then use can use the Scanpst tool to repair the data file or use the commercial PST repair tool to recover the complete file and save the information from it.

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