Methods to Convert FLV to MP4 File Free

Read this blog thoroughly to get answers to your query related to the conversion of FLV video file to MP4 video file as it includes everything about the conversion including introduction, ways, limitations and the recommended this tool for limitless video file conversions.

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What is FLV video file?

FLV or Flash Video File is an open-standard container file format that supports live streaming, downloads, Adobe and non-Adobe programs well. It is a storage container for synced audio/video streams in a digital video streaming on YouTube (This video is not available message on YouTube), Facebook, etc. This format restricts support to subtitles and chapters.

What is MP4 video file?

MP4 or Moving Pictures Expert Group is a multimedia container file format to store audio and video formats and supports multiple audio/video codecs, etc. It is an open-standard file format that supports video streaming, websites downloading, AAC compression for audio, MPEG-4 compression for audio, multiple-range players and more. User can also Convert MP4 video to other format

If you have already downloaded a FLV file from a website or platform on your system but you are unable to play it on your media player due to missing codecs on the system, then the best option is to convert it to the popular MP4 video file format. It is because the MP4 video file format is compatible most of the video players, easy to manage, edit and share to other system or device for the future use.

Free ways to convert FLV to MP4

To convert FLV file to MP4 free, there are two options available for users as mentioned below.

  • Converting FLV to MP4 using Online File Converters
  • Converting FLV to MP4 using VLC Media Player feature
Converting FLV to MP4 using Online File Converters

There are multiple Online File Converters available in the market that supports FLV to MP4 conversion. General Process in Online Conversion: Here, you need to access a particular website for the online tool at first. Then add the FLV file browsing it from the system location or dragging it from the system location and dropping on the website space using the related option on the website, select MP4 as the destination file format and then using the Convert option, start the conversion process. Once the process is completed, the converted file will be available to download for the use.

Examples of Online Video File Converters
  • Zamzar –
  • ConvertFiles –
  • Convert-Video-Online –
  • Online-Convert –
Converting FLV to MP4 using VLC Media Player feature

Using VLC Media Player Convert/Save feature to convert FLV file to MP4 file is another free method which users can try once as it can work for them. Let us know about the conversion process with the VLC Media Player interface in steps.

  1. Run the VLC Media Player application on your system.
  2. Move to the Media tab; click on it and then select the Convert/Save option from the list.
  3. On the next page, click the Add option to browse and add the FLV file stored on the system drive location for the conversion.
  4. After adding the file for the conversion, click the Convert/Save option.
  5. On the next page, move to the Profile section and select the MP4 option against it choosing from the list. Click the Browse option to add the destination file name and saving location on the system drive. Click Start to move further.
  6. The FLV to MP4 video file conversion process will get start and once it is completed, the converted file will be generated at the specified system drive location only.
Linked Limitations with Free Ways of conversion

Though free ways to convert FLV to MP4 are available but are not completely useful but there are some drawbacks linked with these methods.

  • Users need to have a good internet network connection to complete the conversion process.
  • Online File Converters often include file size restrictions and offer only a certain set size file conversion for free.
  • Conversion of video files from VLC Media Player does not check the video quality and sometimes fails for large-sized files.

Final Solution

The above mentioned limitations of free ways to convert FLV to MP4 cannot be ignored and thus a definite limitless solution is required by the users.

Our recommendation is the best and reliable tool. It is the advanced software that supports almost all video file formats for the conversion and integrates a simple user-interface for quick and easy conversion all the time. It supports all-sized video files readily and delivers outputs in no time. The video quality, original audio and properties are well-maintained during and after the conversion process. Users can check upon the features and performance of Video repair tool free by running its free trial version available to download on its website.

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Due to multi-players and default codecs compatibility, MP4 is the most suitable format for running video files. So, it is the best option to convert unplayable FLV files to MP4 files and free ways that can be tried are Online Converts and VLC Media Player feature. If satisfactory results are not obtained via these free conversion methods due to linked limitations, the final suggestion would be the best video repair tool as mentioned in the blog.

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