Where the difference lies while making PST file repair with variant utilities?

Outlook PST file repair is an utmost crucial and breath holding process. The critical point that makes the entire repair process crucial is the complexity of algorithm. It is the inbuilt algorithm that dictates the data recovery process without affecting the content and the file structure.

Thus, it can be said that the inbuilt algorithm is the main component of any utility. Moreover, the performance of every utility differs due to performance of algorithm. The dynamic relationship between design of repair utility and the concerned algorithm is quite direct and affects the performance of the tool.

The most preferred utilities referred to fix the PST files are Inbuilt Repair Tool, OST Crop Tool and relevant expertise from the recommended tool. The relevant difference between them can be easily reflected upon using them individually and comparing the relative performance and abilities:

‘scanpst.exe’-Inbuilt Tool in Outlook

Most widely used and often recommended as the first defense line against PST corruption, scanpst.exe is the perfect at the basic stage of corruption with the default location – “C:/Program Files/Microsoft Office” or “C:/Program Files(x86)/Microsoft Office”. It simply scans the affected PST file followed by its impeccable recovery. Just a click and here it is! The related file structures like BTrees and reference counts are cross-checked and repaired in priority.

OST Crop Tool

Moving to the next cascade, the OST Crop Tool is the next hope line for any PST file inflicted with binary corruption. This tool swiftly makes the PST repair that engrosses backup of PST file to be repaired, initially, followed by truncation of PST files that exceed the file-size. This tool can be freely downloaded from Microsoft website.

Technical Assistance from an External Agency

The complete relief arrives when a reliable tool makes the file repair. The tools are the most recommended one as they make stupendous recovery while maintaining the Meta Data and data integrity of the concerned file(s). To ensure the perfection in the repair process made by the tool, user can download the evaluation version.

These different repair utilities are quite beneficial but their repair strategy varies distinctly from each other. This difference is clearly reflected in the velocity with which they repair PST files. The accuracy and comprehensiveness of the three processes is easily marked with difference in file structure.

While scanPST.exe or Inbox Repair tool can deal with only minor corruptions, file size up to 2GB only and need to run multiple times for complete repair, OST Crop tool is also not fully committed to fix all issues in the PST file. At all points, assistance from a third-party or professional PST Repair tool is the superior solution from the rest two and should be followed to get instant and quality repair results. A smart and reliable PST Repair tool should be the consideration that integrates robust algorithms which offers complete repair with no modifications in original properties and structure of the file mailboxes content and delivers quick recovery with easy steps.

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