How to Fix Outlook Not Responding or Freezing Problems?

MS Outlook is one of the most commonly used e-mail systems for both business as well as personal communications. Given its popularity, it is really not surprising that many Outlook users feel extremely distressed when the mailbox stops responding or freezes on them all of a sudden. There might be several reasons for Outlook to hang or freeze, which might in turn create a stressful situation for the users. Listed below are some common cause and solutions that might be responsible for this erratic behavior.

Not Installing Latest Windows Or Office Updates

Failure to install latest updates of the Windows operating system or even MS office might cause MS Outlook to freeze or hang. The best way to resolve this problem is to change the Windows update settings to automatic so that all out-of-date files are automatically replaced and any vulnerability are also fixed in time.


Outlook Is Being Shared By Other Process

Many times Outlook fails to respond to user commands as it is being used by another process and the information about the same is displayed on the status bar. In such cases, the users should wait until the task of the other process is completed and the mailbox is set free.

Problems With Incompatible Add-ins

Many times users download or install add-ins that does not work smoothly with MS Outlook. IN case the problem of freezing occurs after a recent such installation, it is advisable to try and start the mailbox without the add-in. In case disabling the add-ins resolves the problem, it better to use Outlook without the same.

Oversized Mailbox

An oversized outlook mailbox may also be the cause of its instant freezing or hanging. This is because as the size of the mailbox increases so does the number of resources required for accessing its different features. In such cases accesses multiple features at once might cause the mail box to freeze or hang.

A Conflicting Anti-Virus Software

Outdated anti-virus software may also lead to freezing problem in MS Outlook. As such it is important to ensure that the anti-virus being used is regularly updated and is compatible with the mailbox for optimum performance.