Repair Corrupt Excel File Via Manual Techniques

Excel format is the best file format for keeping the accounts and other tabular classifications in good condition. But what about the real challenges that keep haunting the excel file(s)? They actively participate in making the file corrupt and no more accessible at any end.

Some quick and common reasons behind the corruption of excel files are oversized files, hardware failure, antivirus interventions, technical defects, sudden shutdown of power supply, online attacks, bad sectors, power failure, bad registries, file system corruption, etc.

Due to these issues, Excel file throws errors when being attempted to access by users. Some of the most common of these are:

  • Excel can’t open the file abc.xlsx because the file format or file extension is not valid.
  • The file is corrupt and can’t be opened.
  • Excel found unreadable content in filename.xlsx.
  • Unable to read the file.
  • File error: Data may have been lost.

Finally, arrives the time of befooling the user followed by burning a big hole in the pocket by getting some expensive solution to wear out the issue. Is this a corrupt Excel file really need? Prior making any advances to fix the affected Excel files by installing a third-party Excel Repair tool, it is always better to take assistance from manual methods as minor corruptions can be treated with the native solutions for free.

It works quite well and sometimes it is only needed than an especial treatment.

Nursing affected Excel files by employing Manual Methods

Repairing the damaged Excel files by manual methods and that too without losing the file content and maintaining data integrity is quite appreciable among users. It is the best method to be applied without losing a buck. However, being a professional smarten keeping the backup of all Excel files is the best way to ward-off the binary evil. The different methods available to fix the depreciated data sheets are:

  • Use of Inbuilt Repair Tool: Microsoft provides inbuilt repair tool in MS Excel to fix the nitty-gritty issue. It simply manages the corrupt files by repairing them in conventional but in an effective fashion. To use this inbuilt utility just follow these steps:
    1. Open MS Excel.
    2. Click Windows Tab located in the extreme top left of the screen, followed by ‘Open’ option.
    3. Select the Excel file to be repaired by Open and Repair from Open drop-down menu.
    4. Once done, a default message with two options will appear. The first option is for repair of affected files, while the second option is about data extraction, if repair is failed. Click on the Repair option and follow the provided instructions to complete the repair of the concerned file. Save file using Ctrl and S keys with a new name. Try to access the file now.

      It may work if the issue is minor level.

  • Resetting calculation method to Manual: To try this manual method, make sure you do as same:
    1. Open Excel Sheet. Click Windows Icon followed by Open.
    2. From Tools -> Options -> Calculations.
      Or follow File -> Options -> Formulas.
    3. In Calculation -> click Manual.
    4. Click OK and try to reopen the concerned Excel file.
  • Making use of different platform: If MS Excel does not work; simply try to open the affected files in different platforms like Word Pad, Word or Open Office. WordPad converts the content into text; hence, this method can recover the VBA procedures.
  • Change the Excel file format: If current MS Excel file format is xls, then try changing it to xlsx by right-clicking on the affected file and selecting Rename option from the drop-down list. Then modify the current xls format to xlsx. Confirm this action and then try to open the Excel file. It may open after changing the file format. You can perform the same for your xlsx files by changing its format to xls.

    Users can also try restoring the previous version of the Excel file (if available) by right-clicking on the same and selecting the Restore Previous versions option from the list.

    Or try moving the Excel file from its current storage location folder to another to check if the storage folder is the issue.

  • Emptying up the Temp Directory: Often the Temp directory C:\Windows\Temp gets flooded and at the same time the accessibility of some applications is denied and it appears as corruption. Therefore, it is professionally recommended to delete the temp file up to some extent so that concerned application and files could be easily accessed.
  • Simple Data Extraction from Corrupt Spreadsheet: To mine out the data from corrupt spreadsheet, it is advised to follow these steps:
    1. Open your Excel application and then follow File -> Options -> Customize Ribbon.
    2. Enter the following macro code in module sheet.manual-excel-repair-methods3
    3. Insert a new worksheet in a workbook and rename the same as ChartData.
    4. Select the chart from where the underlying data values can be preferentially extracted.
    5. Run the GetChartValues macro.

The above discussed manual methods are proved successful up to some extent. There are cases like high-level corruption and complete damage when these methods proved futile and it was found wise to take assistance from an external agency. The assistance was found to be quite constructive and worthy. Repairing the affected Excel files is no more the professional’s job.

Free trial version of Stellar Excel Repair tool can repair your corrupt and damaged Excel file and user can also preview their files before purchasing its licensed copy. So, take a trial after downloading the free version of the professional excel repair solution and confirm yourself.

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