Convert Apple Mail to MS Outlook

Apple Mail often known as 'Mail' is an email client designed specifically for Mac users. The most striking feature of this email client is setting up of multiple email account which can be easily switched in between. It uses SMTP and IMAP for message sending and receiving respectively. Apple Mail also works well with Exchange Server and other email providers like Yahoo Mail and Gmail etc. The format in which Apple Mail stores its emails is MBOX format. MBOX format saves all its emails in plain rich text format. In this format, each and every message is stored one after another in a single file available at /Library/Mail folder.

Why the need to migrate from Apple Mail to Outlook PST?

There are plenty of reasons which lead one to migrate from Apple Mail to MS Outlook like switching to a device which does not support Mac operating system etc. Also MS Outlook itself contains so many reasons in the name of features which attracts users towards itself like extreme simple user interface, wide range of support and compatibility and other innumerable features which do not confines it to a mere email client.

How to perform the migration from Apple Mail to Outlook PST?

In case you need to migrate from Apple Mail to Outlook PST then it could never be performed directly owing to the difference in file format supported by both the email clients. Outlook uses Personalized Storage Table (PST) format and hence you first need to perform MBOX file Conversion. The tool is the professional software designed especially to convert the entirely selected mailbox from MBOX file to PST format which could be directly imported by MS Outlook.

Salient features

The tool is a professional expert for converting files from MBOX file to Outlook PST format. It is bundled with innumerable features. Some of them are listed below:

  • Whole of the mailbox can be converted from MBOX file to PST format at once keeping the data intact.
  • Conversion to PST format is independent of the fact that one has Outlook installed on the system.
  • Extended feature of saving the converted file into other formats like Office 365, RTF, PDF, EML, MSG or HTML etc.
  • Files which are going to be converted are first previewed before actually performing the conversion.
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