Export Mozilla mail to Outlook Emails

Mozilla Mail or Thunderbird is an open source email client which can be used by Linux, Windows or Mac users. It is most popular among entrepreneurs who want to cut down their expenses as it is available for free. Thunderbird also offers Unread Folder View where unread emails will be managed in a different folder.

Although Thunderbird serves the basic need of emailing but as the business expands you need to switch to a more powerful email client which offers various features apart from email managing such as MS Outlook. Now switching to MS Outlook from Thunderbird could not be performed directly as Thunderbird saves its database in MBOX format like other Mozilla email clients, whereas MS Outlook supports PST format to save its files. Default location MBOX file in Thunderbird email client is:

"C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\wspaeqja.default\Mail"

With this difference in file formats supported there comes a need to first perform the MBOX file conversion in order to migrate successfully. Other option for migrating from Thunderbird to MS Outlook is by using IMAP account but it requires one to have a thorough knowledge regarding the process. Now MBOX file conversion could be performed with the help of professional tool which needs no technical expertise.

Steps involved are briefly explained here:

  1. Download the tool and run it. On opening the converter you will find the list of supported email clients from where select the Thunderbird email client.
  2. Now a dialog box will appear which will ask for the path of MBOX files which need to be converted. If you are not aware of the location click on ‘Find File’ option.
  3. This tool also provides you the preview of converted files and you can save them by clicking on ‘Save’ option.
  4. Here you can create a new PST file for saving. You can also add the data to already existing PST file.
  5. In order to append data to already existing PST file, you need to select the existing Outlook profile or PST file whatever needed.
  6. Once the process is finished, click on ‘OK’.
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