Export Spicebird Emails to Outlook

Spicebird Mail is an email client provided by Synovel based on Mozilla Thunderbird. It is popular owing to its various features like setting up of multiple accounts, inclusion of webmail accounts like Gmail etc, enhanced security available, viewing your emails, calendars and schedulers even when you are offline. Instant messaging, ability to handle multiple SMTP/IMAP servers etc were other striking features of the Spicebird email client. Spicebird Mail uses MBOX format like many other email clients. In this format, all your emails and messages are stored in a single file one after another in a rich plain text format.

What do you want to know?

Why to switch from Spicebird to Outlook?

With Synovel’s decision of not to continuing further with the development of Spicebird and discontinuing with its support, users of Spicebird were left in disguise and had to switch to a more powerful email client which could be no one other then MS Outlook. Outlook provides a simple and interactive user interface which is effective in easy manage of your emails, contacts, schedulers, notes etc.

How to make this switch from Spicebird to Outlook?

As Outlook supports Personalized Storage Table (PST) format and Spicebird supports MBOX format, migration from Spicebird to Outlook could not be performed directly. At first, there is the need to convert from MBOX file to PST format which could be then supported by Outlook. The tool with its indigenous algorithm helps you out with this conversion and making this switch from Spicebird to Outlook easier for you.

Prominent features of the software

With this software, you can save your converted PST file in a newly created file or add it to already existing PST file. Also the tool is independent of Outlook and hence there is no compulsion of first installing Outlook on your system in case it is not available. It also previews the selected files after scanning and supports multi-format saving option. It is compatible with wide range of Office versions starting from the latest 2016 to 2000.

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