Ducking Excel Files from Binary Borne corruption- An Approach to repair Excel files

Ever thought to repair Excel files? Are the corruption sources known? Indiscriminately Yes, Excel File corruption is not a new phenomenon as each of us frequently deals with. As far as damage in MS Office applications are concerned, they are swiftly dealt in contrast to the situations that include server damage and takes umpteenth patience. Focusing on the most used application of MS Office – MS Excel, it is frequently interrupted to make necessary changes in the form of data entries, cell additions and deletions followed by entry of new formulas and much more.

During such management, often concerned sheets or say Excel file gets corrupt. It could be irrelevant at some point of time, but ironically it happens mostly when we have to make necessary changes in them. The inbuilt features to duck the content from corruption come in MS Office Suite. It greatly assists in Excel file repair. By Microsoft’s grace, the corruption can be proved futile if the either of following ways is followed:

  • Thorough Maintenance of hard disk: The system’s hard disk has average number of hours before failure; therefore, once it gets surpass, there are chances that the data may become inaccessible. Thus, it is recommended to run ‘Scandisk’ to eliminate any unfortunate incident. The option of Hard Disk Maintenance can also be seen as a solution for Repairing Excel
  • Exercise AutoSave Option: The autosave option rescues the file from chances of corruption by saving it at definite interval of time. More technically, the autosave option is a real-time saving option provided by Microsoft.
  • AutoRecover – An Indispensible Option: The AutoRecover option is more advanced than autosave in terms of saving the excel files. It excels in saving the copy of excel files in set time interval.
  • Automatic Backup – The Final Resort: Automatic backup entails backup of the excel file in use. It simply saves the changes made by the user in the copy of the exiting file so that it can be accessed in case of accessibility failure.

Microsoft has provided these features to save the excel sheets; however unfortunately, if the hard disk gets crash then it is wise to go for a reliable third party tool assistance. It works the best and gives immense satisfaction to the user. Just take a trial!

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