What free methods must be considered to repair MS Excel files?

Though professionals never suggest going for free methods, but in some cases they can be tried. The most renowned free methods to repair the affected Excel files are as follows:

  • XML Method: In this method the concerned Excel file is accessed. To fix it save the file in XML spreadsheet from possible saving options followed by clicking ‘Save’ icon. Once it is done, the XML format file of Excel must be opened and must be saved in Excel format from the dropdown.
  • Open and Repair – Inbuilt Utility: Excel files come with open and repair utility which can be used when concerned excel files cannot be accessed anymore. To make it available to you, just click the excel file followed by open and repair option. It is mainly recognized for small excel based errors.
  • Disabling Automatic Calculation mode: This mode must be tried if the inbuilt utility does not work. Upon disabling the recalculation settings in excel sheets, user can have access to them as MS Excel opens the file which doesn’t have to be calculated.
  • HTML Method: It is the most convenient way to recover the excel files. To exercise it simply select the excel file from the location followed by selection of Webpage from ‘Save as type’. Now the excel file can be accessed in HTML format.

These methods prove worthy at some point, but whenever the damage is severe in nature it is always advised to grip an software recommended by professionals.

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