How to fix PST file with thrid party software?

Outlook PST file corruption is associated with software and hardware issues. The hardware issues can be promptly corrected but as far as software issue correction is concerned it takes time depending upon the assistance called by the user. Initially, every user tries to fix the PST-related issues with inbuilt utility ‘scanpst.exe’, but sometimes the desired results are not obtained. To keep the process of file repair continuous with perfect output it is recommended to take assistance from the recommended third party tool.

To make the PST file repair, it is always the best to go for assistance. To initiate the repair, these steps must be followed:
  1. Install the external tool in the system to initiate the PST file repair process.
  2. Run the external tool. As the tool is run, the Home screen of the tool is opened.
  3. Select the Outlook PST file if the location is known. If the location is unknown, then ‘Find’ option can be exercised.
  4. The tool looks for PST files in every possible location of the drive. The related files are displayed in ‘Find Results’ section followed by selection of specific file to be repaired.
  5. Once the file is selected, the scan process can be initiated by clicking ‘Scan Now’ button.
  6. Once scan process gets complete, the process leaps forward to ‘Preview’ the scanned items of PST files. It appears in tree-like fashion for more distinguished clarity.
  7. Select the items to be recovered and click the ‘Save the repaired File’ to save it in predefined location. The tool provides multiple saving options to save the recovered PST file.
  8. Once the PST file in question is saved in the destination, the dialog box stating process completion appears on the screen.

Now, the affected and damaged PST file can be accessed anytime without any difficulty. The process of PST file repair goes so smooth that it merely takes couple of minutes to conclude the process. Due to impeccable timings of repair and output of desired results, Want to try on your own, immediately download the trial version and witness the change.

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