How to Repair Excel files with Inbuilt Utilities? Just have a glimpse

Every day millions of users face technical issues while working with excel files, but correct solution to the problem is known to few. They may be professionals or just an executive in Software Company. Knowledge of the desired solution available for the excel file related problem is a great deal. However, fewer people have relevant knowledge. Knowing the knowledge base of the users, Microsoft has provided some inbuilt solutions which have been proved helpful in many instances.

For the newbie here are some of the most recommended points advised by professionals. These points are helpful in gaining the control over corrupt Excel files:
  • Try simple Migration: Sometimes changing the system for accessing the required excel file can do the work. It happens that while the Excel file becomes inaccessible in one system, the same file becomes accessible in other system. The reasons are unexplained but yes, it happens.
  • Assistance from Microsoft: Microsoft Office Application Manager is an automated tool designed to recover the affected Excel files. It works best and can be attempted in first instance. You can say "It is a smart tool".
  • Open and Repair option: Open and Repair option is the inbuilt utility devised to fix the affected excel files. It is often recommended for nominal corruption. It may or may not achieve the desired results, but yet we cannot completely rule out its functionality.
  • Evaluate SLK Format: SLK format is highly recommended by Microsoft to recover the corrupt excel files. The SLK format filters out the corrupt participants present in excel sheets. However, the biggest disadvantage of this format is that it saves only the active sheet. To save the other sheet in SLK format, user has to close the existing active sheet.

From the inbuilt and some external utilities provided by Microsoft, to fix the Excel –related issues, it is clear that these issues were well-known to the Microsoft. However, there are some situations when these solutions don’t work or may not provide the expected results. In such case, it is advised to take assistance from external factors like third party tools. They work impeccably and with a reason to achieve success in repairing and recovering the damaged Excel files.

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