Want to repair of password-protected Outlook files? Try inbuilt utility of MS Outlook

Are you aware of this screenshot while accessing PST files of MS Outlook?

Yes, it is asking for the correct password from the user, but unfortunately due to some official pressure, user is unable to recall the correct password, hence it is getting displayed. It may not happen to you; therefore, you should have a look at the steps that are required to repair file which are left abandoned due to lost passwords.

Microsoft has perfectly carved out the solution to deal with it. The inbuilt utility Pst19upg.exe gives perfect way to dwell out of the password-protected issue. The following steps guide the users looking for suitable solution:

  1. Simply close the MS Outlook application and take the backup of entire PST files.
  2. Run Scanpst.exe on PST files and click Repair.
  3. Paste or type the file path to Pst19upg and name the PST files as PSTUPG19.EXE-filename.pst and press Enter.
  4. Command line will appear as "C: My Documentspst19upg.exe" - Outlook.pst.
  5. A fresh copy of PST file will be created which will be named as "filename.psx".
  6. Once completed with the step, rename the original PST file.
  7. At Command Prompt type “pst19upg.exe- filename.psx” and press Enter.
  8. A new password – free PST file will be created from PSX file.
  9. Smartly run scanpst.exe once more against newly created PST file followed by clicking Repair.
  10. Run MS Outlook again and open the PST file.
This is how user can smartly get rid of password-protection of PST files if it is mandatory o access the files. However, there are certain limitations with inbuilt utility. These are as follows:
  • Not successful in every case.
  • Does not support Unicode format of Outlook.
  • Password retrieval is almost impossible.
  • Sometimes incompatible with all versions of Outlook.

For perfect solution it is always told to get assistance from external tool. It is quite helpful and often provides desired results without alienating the data and its related components. Have trust and just download the trial version of the tool to know more about it.

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