Excel Startup Errors Solutions While Opening or Accessing Excel File

You would have faced difficulty in accessing the excel files whenever the computer is started. Although, it is software related issue, but accepting it as corruption will not be in good notes. The best thing about repairing such files is that user has not to invest any money in it. Simply, Microsoft provides dynamic solutions to fix them. However, before proceeding to the solution, it is better to know about the cause of such technical snag.

The inaccessibility issue in Excel files appears due to following reasons:
  • Corruption in Add-ins
  • Issues with registry keys
  • Version issue of MS Office
  • Tool bar corruption
To fix them Microsoft provides powerful manual methods which are easy enough to be done by for new users. Here are some well tried methods:
  • Safe mode start up: It is recommended to start MS Excel in safe mode. This eliminates any chance of getting excel data corrupt. The command line switch used for his purpose is – Excel.exe/s. Once done, the excel file whenever opened appears as ‘Safe Mode’ in title bar.
  • Fixing shortcut to excel files: To fix the issue related to excel file shortcut just follow these steps:
    1. Click Start -> Search -> For Files or folders
    2. In Search for Files and Folders box type, Excel.exe
    3. In Look-in -> My Computer -> Search Now
    4. After the concerned file is found, click on it to open.
  • Move to new destination: Just migrate the file to other system as the existing system may contain several malfunctions that might be hindering the excel file to open. It works perfectly but it is advised to use it as an option to be exercised in last.

It repairs issues with manual methods are effective to limited extent; therefore, to get permanent rid-off it is suggested to take assistance from reliable source. It not only makes Excel files error free, but also makes accessible for next time.

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