How to resolve corrupted and damaged Excel files using Tool?

Corruption prevailing in Excel files is now becoming a common problem. Whenever you try to access a corrupted Excel file you may not be allowed to do so and is bombarded with different kinds of error messages. Here we are providing you with the list of general error messages that have been encountered by users while accessing corrupted Excel files:

  1. The file is not in recognizable format.
  2. The file is corrupted and cannot be opened.
  3. Excel is unable to read the file.
  4. Excel found unreadable content in file.
  5. is not a valid file.
  6. Microsoft Excel has encountered a problem and needs to be closed.
Due to the corruptions prevailing in your Excel files, you are not able to completely access your file which further aggravates the situation. Coming to the corruption of Excel file this could be due to various reasons like:
  1. Malware and viruses which might have entered through any other external storage device when connected to your system. Virus hampers your system files badly and damages them for the worst.
  2. Improper shutdown of the system which might have stopped the MS Excel forcibly resulting in corruption in its saved file.
  3. Sudden increase in supply which ultimately damaged your system.
How to resolve these errors

As you might have understood the main reason behind these different kinds of error messages so resolving such corrupted Excel files can only help you out in such situations. Here we are going the two most popular and easy methods which can be used to repair Excel files.

  1. Using "Open and Repair" Utility: It is the inbuilt repair tool provided by MS Excel and to use it open the subjected file by going to the ‘File’ menu and then selecting ‘Open’ option. A list of various files will appear from where choose the one which you want to repair. Now click on the down arrow provided with the ‘Open’ button. Select ‘Open and Repair’ from here and repair the corrupted file.
  2. HTML format saving option: While using this method, it might be possible that you lose out your formatting of Excel file. This method involves saving your corrupted file in case it opens in HTML format by clicking on ‘Save As’ option then selecting ‘Other formats’ from the list of available formats. Finally select ‘Web Page’ option, click on ‘Save’ button and proceed further by clicking on ‘Yes’ button of the warning message. Now click on this recently saved Excel file and click on ‘Open With’ option, under which select ‘Microsoft Excel’. Repeat the same operation again and save the file in ‘Excel’ format.
  3. Third Party Tool: In case none of the above manual methods repair corrupted Excel files then you are advised to go for a professional tool which repairs Excel file like a pro. The tool is the result-driven software which completes the repair process and that too in minimum number of clicks without requiring any technical acumen.
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