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Extract your whole mailbox data from Office 365 account

Office 365 Extractor is a professional tool which has been designed to extract your mailbox data from Office 365 account. There is a wide variety of file format supported by this tool like RTF, PDF, HTML, EML, MSG and PDF etc which proves it multi-dimensional. The tool also previews all the mailbox items directly after login.

  • Whole mailbox can be extracted by quickly connecting with Office 365 account
  • Single file could be saved in EML, MSG, RTF, PDF and HTML format
  • Multi-format saving option like PST, RTF, MSG, EML, HTML and PDF for mailbox data
  • Individual folder and subfolders can be saved in PST, EML, MSG, RTF, PDF and HTML format

Key Features

Quick and direct connection with Office 365 account

Office 365 Extractor ensures that a quick and direct connection is established with your Office 365 account to avoid any kind of delay. Make sure that there is a proper internet connection available so that the information is fetched quickly. You will be prompted for entering your email id and password and once everything is done you can view your mails.

Multi-format saving option for extracted data

Depending on the need of hour, you can select a particular format from a given wide list of formats supported by Office 365 Extractor. Multiple file formats supported are PST, RTF, PDF, EML, MSG, HTML etc. The supported formats can be used and then you can directly view your file through respective software.

Tree-format display of complete mailbox data

It displays all the items of any particular mailbox in a tree structure in the left pane of window. This ensures that you can see through all the items which are to be extracted and hence you can choose the right mails.

Preview before extraction

The tool previews all your mailbox items extracted before actually saving them. From this preview window, you can view the content of an individual email by selecting it from the available list and later can save it in the desired format. Office 365 Extractor also gives the option of saving complete folders or subfolders.

Log Report generation

A log report is generated by this utility which contains all the information about the performed tasks during extraction and records it. Log report can be generated and saved at any user defined location. This log report could be used in future for analyzing the process and in case you need to perform the extraction again.

What is the utility of Office 365 Extractor?

Many times there is a need of immediate conversion of Office 365 emails in different formats. This conversion facility is not provided by every third-party tool. Therefore, to meet such requirements, the users prefer to take assistance from this tool.

What conversion formats are provided by the tool?

It facilitates wide saving options like: PST, MSG, HTML, EML, RTF and PDF. It does not take much time to provide conversion. The conversions are quite accurate without any data loss. With the preview option, user can view the items prior saving them in these formats.

What is the output of conversion?

Office 365 Extractor provides B-tree format for displaying the content in the left pane of the Window. This provides a clean window to look for the correct item to be converted without disturbing the rest of the content.

Is it necessary for Office 365 users?

Yes, it is necessary for every Office 365 user as user may never know when Office 365 may stop working or the concerned file may not be accessible. If anyhow, the Office 365 platform is not convincing, then user can simply download the concerned files from the mailbox without losing any information.

What are the system requirements to operate Office 365 Extractor?

User system must have following:
> Pentium processor.
> Minimum 1 GB RAM
> Some space to save results.
The tool supports the following:
> Windows 8, 7.
> Windows Server 12 and 8 (R2).
> MS Exchange 2013 and 2010 SP2.

Supported Versions:
  • Operating System: Windows 8, 7 and Windows Server 2012, 2008(R2)
  • MS Exchange 2013 and 2010 SP2
System Requirements:
  • Processor: Pentium Class
  • RAM: 1 GB recommended
  • Hard disk: 50 MB
Software Interface Language
  • English
License Types
  • Technician - For multiple PC at diffrent locations
License Validity
  • Lifetime Software license validity (no renewal required) with all future updates
Software License Delivery
  • Electronic License by Email
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