Cannot open particular items when working offline in Outlook

While working offline on MS Outlook, it has been found out that at times you cannot open particular items in offline folder (OST file). OST file being core part of your Outlook saves all the work which you have done while not connected to Exchange Server. This OST file has auto synchronization property which automatically updates all your saved work once proper connection is established between Exchange Server and MS Outlook.

Such kind of error generally occurs when there is any kind of corruption or damage prevailing in your OST file. Once you encounter any such error, the first thing is to run Inbox Repair Tool which is Microsoft’s inbuilt utility to repair such corrupted OST files. However, if the corruption is too severe Inbox Repair Tool fails to repair such files and declares them irreparable.

In such situation, one is advised to delete the corrupted OST file and create a fresh one. Here we are ascertaining the particular steps that can be followed:

  • Locate the corrupted or damaged OST file.
  • Download the tool which will scan the corrupted OST file and save the entire content into a new file with PST format.
  • Keep a copy of both OST and PST file which could be used in any critical situation.
  • Now delete or rename the corrupted OST file.
  • Start your Outlook application and send/receive message through Exchange Server. This will automatically create a new OST file.
  • In case the error still persists, there could be the problem in your Outlook profile so you need to create a new profile.
  • For creating new Outlook profile, go to the Control Panel and under it select 'Mail' option.
  • A mail setup dialog box will appear from where click on Show Profiles.
  • Click on the profile which is corrupted and then remove it by clicking on ‘Remove’.
  • Now add a new Outlook profile by clicking on 'Add' option.
  • A page will appear which will ask for details. Fill in all the credentials and click on Finish.
  • Launch your Outlook application and re-synchronize it with Exchange Server.
  • Once the problem disappears, import the data from the PST file created by the tool into the fresh OST file.
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