What to do when encountered a large number of conflict items in offline folder file?

MS Outlook provides an extremely simple user interface which makes it easy for users to use it as their professional or personal email client. However, at times situations occur which puts users in troublesome conditions. It has been found that while accessing Outlook, you faced error like

"Encounter a large number of conflict items in Exchange OST file."

This creates confusion in user’s mind as they not well aware of the OST file which is generating such issues. Actually OST is kind of backbone of Outlook which helps you in working offline. It stores all the work done by you when you were not connected with Exchange Server. All the work is reflected automatically once you are connected back to Server.

Since, OST file is of so much use any kind of corruption could lead to various problems. The corruption in OST file could be because of malware attack, improper handling or any other thing. The corrupted OST file hampers the proper functioning of Outlook by generating various errors and in worst case could also result in data loss situation. To repair such corrupted OST files, Inbox Repair Tool could be used at first which repairs such prevailing corruptions.

If the corruption is too severe in your OST file then Inbox Repair Tool fails pathetically and declares t irreparable. However by using third party OST to PST Converter tool, you can help creating a new OST file by following these simple steps:

  • Close Outlook and all the other applications which are using OST file.
  • Search for the corrupted OST file and locate it.
  • Run the tool on this corrupted OST file. The tool performs an in-depth scanning of your OST file and recovers all the data of the OST file and save it in a newly created PST file.
  • Take backup of your both OST and PST file.
  • Now delete the corrupted OST file. You can also rename it.
  • Send/Receive message through Exchange Server which will automatically create a new OST file.
  • In case the fresh OST file does not work properly and creates the same problem again then there might be the chances that there is some problem in your Outlook profile.
  • Proceed in this way Tools > Control Panel > Mail > Show Profiles.
  • This will show your profiles in Outlook select the incorrect one and click on ‘Remove’ button.
  • Now click on ‘Add’ button and add new profile.
  • This will also create a new OST file once auto-synchronization process takes place.
  • If everything works properly then import the items from PST file to fresh OST file.
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