How to Recover Deleted Exchange Emails & objects?

With the increasing dependence on technology, we tend to store almost everything on computer. Storing mails and files on Outlook is no different but the real problem arises when you accidentally delete some important files from your profile. You are left in a state of dilemma where you think how you are going to recover your file back.

Before giving ways of recovering file, we must get to know about hard delete and soft delete. In case you deleted an email or object on Exchange Server by just clicking on 'Delete' option then it is considered as soft-delete as the object is not completely deleted from hard disk and is present under 'Deleted Items Folder'. While, hard-delete is deleting files or objects by using 'Shift + Delete' option which permanently deletes the file.

In case you soft-deleted your file, then the object can be recovered easily by going to 'Deleted Items Folder' and then restoring back the file. You can consider it as ‘Recycle Bin’ from where you can restore your deleted items back to the original place. However, in case you hard-deleted the file then you can recover the file by recovering the OST file from Exchange Mailbox in case the file is not synchronized with the Server.

Here we are giving the steps which could be followed to recover the deleted file from Outlook of different versions:

  • For beta: Whenever the items or the mail is deleted from the Outlook it is either moved in ‘Deleted items folder’ or ‘Junk Email Folder’. To recover them, the following steps can be followed:
    1. From the left pane, select ‘Deleted Items’ or ‘Junk Email’. If the icons are not visible, then click the drop down near ‘Folders’.
    2. From ‘Deleted items folder’ select the message to be recovered followed by ‘Restore’. Here the user can’t restore the messages that have been deleted from the ‘Deleted items’ folder.
    3. Similarly, if the items are to be recovered from the ‘Junk Email Folder’, then it can be done by selecting ‘Not Junk’.
  • For classic Here you can recover the items which are not present in either folders i.e. ‘Deleted items folder’ or ‘Junk items folder’.
    1. From the left pane, select ‘Deleted Items’ or ‘Junk Items’ folder. If not visible, then click the drop down from ‘Folders’.
    2. From the ‘Deleted Items Folder’, click ‘Recover’ after selecting the item(s) to be recovered.
    3. From the ‘Junk Items Folder’, click ‘Not Junk’ after selecting the item(s) to be recovered.
  • Recovery of Permanently Deleted Items: Sometimes the items to be recovered become a hasty task especially when they are permanently deleted from the mailbox. To recover them it is expected to follow these steps:
    1. Select ‘Deleted Items’ from the left pane of the Outlook.
    2. Select ‘Recover Deleted Items’ from the message list.
    3. Select ‘Recover’ after selecting the items to be recovered.
    4. Click Ok.
  • Freezing Outlook’s Auto delete settings: Whenever the user logs out from the Outlook, the files in the ‘Deleted Folder’ are automatically deleted. The user can stop this auto function by following:
    1. Go to  > Options.
    2. Select ‘Message options’ followed by unselecting ‘Empty the deleted items folder when I sign out’.
  • Other Method: The other method involves bit knowledge of the ‘Beyond the Curtains’ process where the user must be aware of the functions going to perform, else the major data loss could result.
    1. Go to the Menu option of Outlook. Now click on 'Folder' menu
    2. Sub-menu of Folder will appear from where select 'Recover Deleted Items'
    3. This will help in recovering the deleted items of Outlook. However, if the 'Recover Deleted Items' appears to be greyed out and you are not allowed to click on it then you need to make a few changes in the settings of Exchange Server. Follow these steps to make the change:
    4. Exit Outlook and open the Windows Registry Editor
    5. Go to My Computer > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Microsoft > Exchange > Client > Options.
    6. Click on Edit and then select New
    7. Here type the Value Name as 'DumpsterAlwaysOn'
    8. Also set the DOUTLOOK value under Value data as '1'
    9. Close the Registry Editor and restart the Outlook application

In case nothing works out, then you can use OST to PST Converter tool which helps in recovering all those permanently deleted OST files and saves them in PST format or any other file format which fulfils your requirements most. It recovers deleted items even if you have or have not synchronized your offline folder OST file with the server.

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