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Outlook Duplicate Remover is a comprehensive tool which helps in keeping your Outlook mailboxes lighter by removing the duplicate emails from mailbox which in turn enhances the performance of Outlook. It also avoids corruption due to oversized PST files by considerably reducing the size of PST files.

  • Removes duplicity from Outlook PST as well as OST and BAK(Backup) files.
  • Removes duplicate emails, contacts, calendars, notes, journals, tasks, etc.
  • Applies Date Range filter to select duplicate items between selected dates.
  • Checks for duplicity from multiple PST (OST & BAK) files altogether.
  • Scans PST and OST files without requiring MS Outlook in the system.
  • Scans password-protected PST, OST, and BAK files.
  • Create a report in CSV format for duplicate and unique items.
  • Removes duplicate items from across the folders or within the folder.

SysTools Outlook Duplicates Remover: Key Features

Effectively locates and delete duplicate emails
Effectively locates and delete duplicate emails

SysTools Outlook Duplicate Remover tool is specialized in locating and removing duplicate emails from each and every folder of Outlook mailbox be it the Inbox, Outbox or Deleted Items Folder. It searches out for duplicate or multiple emails by scanning the whole mailbox.

Quick duplication removal from multiple PST files
Quick duplication removal from multiple PST files

You may remove duplicates from numerous MS Outlook PST files at once using the Outlook Duplicates Remover software from us. It will delete duplicates from each PST file as well as the folders in it when you add a folder with several PST files in it.

Divide the scanned PST file
Divide the scanned PST file

‘Split PST File Size’ is a new feature that you get with the Outlook Duplicate Remover tool. This option allows for splitting the PST file size while deleting duplicate items from the Outlook data file. The file can only be 200 GB in size at most.

Shows the duplication status
Shows the duplication status

SysTools Outlook Duplicate Remover software will display the present status of each file once you have added the PST files. The software will now display the number of items processed along with the status as complete once it begins deleting duplicate items from Outlook folders.

Various actions to be performed on duplicate emails
Various actions to be performed on duplicate emails

The software provides a wide variety of actions to be performed on the duplicated emails which are listed by it after scanning. Depending on the requirement, action could be chosen from 'Delete', 'Delete Permanently', 'Mark as Expired', 'Mark with the flag', 'Copy to Folder', 'Move to Folder'.

Perform removal from multiple folders
Perform removal from multiple folders

With this duplicate email remover utility, one has the advantage of selecting the multiple folders at one time which will be scanned thoroughly for duplicate emails and if found will be removed efficiently. The tool also generates a log report at the end of the duplicate email removal process which contains all the necessary steps taken during the process and hence could be saved for future reference.

Conserve the meta properties
Conserve the meta properties

The structural integrity of data and its attributes are maintained correctly while removing the duplications from Outlook data files. The information will be provided to you in the same format together with all of its related attributes, including to, cc, header, bcc, message size, etc.

Add-in appearance in MS Outlook
Add-in appearance in MS Outlook

SysTools Outlook Duplicate Remover tool appears on the top-left corner of your Outlook application if you have installed the tool on your system. This reduces the need to separately go to the tool to perform such duplicate email remover process as you can directly use it by clicking on the top-left corner of your Outlook Window which in turn saves your time.

Various criteria to search for duplicate emails
Various criteria to search for duplicate emails

There is a wide range of variety of searching criteria available with this duplicate email remover tool to search for duplicate emails. One can search for duplicate emails based on 'Text', 'Subject', 'Sender Email', 'Sender Name', 'Recipient Name', 'Attachment', 'Internet Header' etc. Defined time range like 'Last Day', 'Last 2 Days', 'Last 30 Days' or 'Anytime' etc shows such duplicated emails which falls under certain time range.

Tips & Tricks for SysTools Outlook Duplicates Remover

  • Identify & Deletes Duplicate Emails
  • Option to Mark Duplicate Emails
  • Copying or Moving the Duplicate Emails to Different Folder
  • Create complete report in CSV file
  • Remove duplicate emails from mailbox

Software Walkthroug

Software Specifications

SysTools Outlook Duplicates Remover specifications, users can follow before use of this software for ease of working:

About Product
Personal, Business, & Enterprise
System Requirement
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz 2.39GHz
4 GB minimum(recommended)
Hard Disk:
100 MB for installation files
Operating System:
Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7
Whats new:

Outlook Duplicates Remover tool can easily remove duplicate emails and other items from Outlook PST files.

  • Remove duplicate items from OST, PST files
  • Remove duplicate emails from multiple files in one go
  • Allow to save entire email deletion process in csv file

Frequently Asked Questions

My Outlook mailbox is getting heavy day by day. How Outlook Duplicate Remover can help me?

Outlook mailbox gets heavier due to default saving of duplicate files. It is simply a copy of existing file that is kept in the user’s mailbox. With this tool, the Outlook duplicates can be perfectly removed without affecting the original file.

How the software is characterized?

Most professionals characterize SysTools Outlook Duplicate Remover tool as:

  • Assists in lightening Outlook mailbox
  • Reduces chances of PST file corruption due to oversize issue
  • Simply marks the duplicate PST files and makes deletion easy
  • Facilitates relocation of marked duplicate PST files
How can user look for duplicate files using the software?

User can search for duplicate files on the basis of different criteria like 'Text', 'Subject', 'Sender Email', 'Sender Name', 'Recipient Name', 'Attachment', 'Internet Header' etc. The defined time range like 'Last Day' and others displays the duplicate emails falling in specific category.

Can It perform multiple folder removal?

Yes, It can perfectly perform removal of multiple folders in a single instant. To perform this, user has to select the number of concerned folders. These folders are scanned thoroughly for duplicate emails. On finding any duplicate PST file, the prompt action of removal is taken.

What are the system requirements for perfect working of the tool?

User system must comprise Pentium processor with minimum 1 GB RAM and some space to save results. The tool supports Windows OS: 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and 98 and MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003. The best advantage of supporting such a large version is that any chance of incompatibility is eliminated.

SysTools Outlook Duplicates Remover: Compare Editions

Outlook duplicate remover
Instant Delivery By Email
Standard License $79  $49  Offer till This Week - Save $30 Buy Now Outlook Toolkit $349  $199  Offer till This Week - Save $150 Buy Now
Common features
Intallation and Usage Single PC Three PC
License Validity Lifetime Lifetime
Free Technical Support Limited Unlimited
Key features
Identify and Deletes Duplicate Emails yes yes
Option to Mark Duplicate Emails yes yes
Effectively Copy/Move the Duplicate Emails to a Different Folder yes yes
Outlook PST Repair
Repairs corrupt Outlook data file yes
Merge PST
Merge PST Files yes
PST Splitter
Splits Outlook PST Files yes
Compact PST
Compacts Outlook PST Files yes
Outlook Password Recovery
Recovers Outlook data file password yes
  $49Buy Now $199Buy Now

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I was amazed at the quality of SysTools Outlook Duplicate Remover. I was amazed at the quality of the software. Definitely worth the investment. I couldn't have asked for more than this.

rating5Juanita Merff QA Lead

I have gotten at least 50 times the value from SysTools Outlook Duplicate Remover. It is both attractive and highly adaptable. You guys rock! Thank you so much for your help.

rating5Violette Beil Managing Director

Not able to tell you how happy I am with Outlook Duplicate Remover and it saved my business.

rating5Mada Moore Project Head
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