"The message interface has returned an unknown error" Error in Outlook

Microsoft has developed MS Outlook which provides an incredible email experience when used both in business and personal world. However, at times situation occurs when users face unwanted situation where they are restricted from accessing their important file and are bombarded with various kind of errors.

One such error which occurs when you try to add or delete a contact, check for a new email or read it or deletes items from Calendar, Inbox and Contacts is:

"The message interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem still persists, start Outlook again."

If the error is generated because of messaging interface issue, then when you restart the Outlook it will be automatically resolved. However, when the error is due to other reasons which are specified below then you need to follow certain methods to resolve it.

Causes responsible for this error

  • In case you have set an Outlook PST file as your default delivery location and you are forwarding the message using an OST file then this kind of error generates.
  • If the message which you are forwarding contains an attachment and is in RTF (Rich Text Format).
  • Either you have deliberately or automatically saved the message in 'Drafts' folder. Furthermore, it has been modified after saving in 'Drafts'.
  • There could be the corruption prevailing in your Outlook PST file.

Solution of the error

  • At first it is recommended to use the ‘Inbox Repair Tool’ which is an inbuilt utility provided by Microsoft to repair the corrupted or damaged PST file. To repair the file, you need to provide the path or file name of the infected file and then start the process. When the process gets finished you can restart Outlook again to check if the problem still persists.
  • In case Inbox Repair Tool does not work, backup the data of the corrupted PST file delete it and create a new one. Check again and if the problem is fixed, copy the data of your original PST file and save it in the newly-formed PST file.

If Inbox Repair Tool or any of the method does not help you in resolving the error then employing a professional Repair PST tool will serve you the best by repairing your corrupted or damaged Outlook PST files in a short interval of time. The tool is expert in repairing and recovering the data from the corrupted Outlook PST files without losing a single bit of information and keeping the data format intact.

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