How to resolve File Error: Data may have been lost?

DATA IS LOST!!! How do you feel when you hear such words? Yes, it leaves you shaky and often a chill runs down the spine. You get nervous and starts looking to fix the affected excel files without further delay. Finally, you end up by purchasing a software solution with hefty invoice to patch up the excel error without even knowing the nature of error, reasons of its occurrence and the best inbuilt utility to fix the issue.

As a professional it is a right approach to look for the decent solution to rescue the data before it gets vanished, but as a techie you must also be aware of the variety of reasons that participate in corrupting the concerned excel file.

Moreover, you must be able to distinguish between the error messages that need different approach to be sorted down. The one sort of error message discussed here is “File Error: Data may have been lost.” This mistake can likewise exchange over into sizeable treble in case your vital records or records like consultant factors of hobby, installment subtle factors and so on are placed away in it and you don't have any reinforcement of this document. In the event that you have an as of late made reinforcement report then you can without a good deal of a stretch recoup your the whole thing the records via basically re-establishing it. There are several manual strategies are reachable however it is extraordinarily troublesome and not for the same old purchaser, because of guide technique forever statistics misfortune may also happen.

Knowing more about Error

The concerned error manifests due to some internal flaws. These are as follows:

  • Excel file corruption due to unexpected shutdown.
  • MS Excel version variation.
  • Improper data storage may lead to such data rage.
  • Virus or other malware attack.
  • Offensive excel file registry.

Fixing “File Error: Data may have been lost.”

The best part of this error is that it can be fixed perfectly in all versions of the MS Excel. However, if you are trying to open the excel file of different version, then it is recommended to access the concerned file in the same version in which it was created.

To manually fix the manifested error, the following steps must be performed:

The installation of hotfix package can be done as follows:

  1. Locate the affected excel file form the computer.
  2. Open it in a folder to save in new settings.
  3. Click on an arrow beside ‘Open’ button.
  4. Click ‘Open and Repair’ to fix the affected file.

  5. However, the examined file can also be saved in XML or HTML format and can be saved in normal file format later or as per requirement of the user. If the current file is using any data interpretation figures, then user must use the macro to extract the data.

  6. Once all the necessary changes are made the concerned files can be saved in the version required.

It may seem easier but may cost you more than you deserve if registry update goes wrong.

When to look for External Assistance?

Getting external assistance is quite easy for the users due to its large availability. To repair multiple XLS and XLSX files, the third-party tools are designed with sophisticated algorithm that swiftly manages the process. One such third-party tool is Excel Repair tool which can be tried by downloading the evaluation version. The evaluation version works like the licensed version with some limitations. However, the working capacity of the tool can be verified with the trial version. Thus, Excel error gets fixed.


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