How to Fix Exchange Server Jet Engine Errors?

While working on the Exchange Server, users face various kinds of Jet Engine errors which leave them in a state of confusion as they are not well aware about these errors or more often about what is Jet Engine? Here we are going to tell you about what basically the Jet Engine is, what causes errors in it and how to resolve such errors.

To start with, MS Exchange Server uses ESE (Extensible Storage Engine) technology to function and to provide its services. This storage technology is also referred as JET Blue. This technology enhances the performance of the Exchange Server as it stores and fetches data using sequential and indexed approach.

Now whenever any kind of corruption or damage is encountered in the Exchange Server at file, database or application level, then it results in various kinds of Jet Engine errors which hampers your working with the Exchange Server and restricts you from accessing files. Various kinds of Exchange Server Jet Engine errors and why they occur are briefly explained here:

Exchange Error "1018 JET_err Read VerifyFailure": As the EDB file consists of 4 KB or multiple of 4 KB pages and these pages are organised in B-tree structure to enable quick results once a query is generated. Due to this B-tree structure, the first two pages of EDB file are occupied by the Headers. Now when the Exchange Server finds the checksum value (total number of pages) and it comes out to be different from the final recalculated checksum value obtained by the page read process then this Jet Engine error occurs. Other reasons could be:

  1. Checksum value calculated by Server is incorrect.
  2. Correct checksum is obtained but by mistake it is entered into an incorrect location.
  3. Corrupt data written on hard disk or any other incorrect location.
  4. There may be an error prevailing in NTFS file system.

Exchange Error "1019 JET_err Page NotInitialized": In case you tried to access a particular page and it was found to be blank or uninitialized in the Exchange database, then this kind of error is reported. The unavailability of such requested page is due to the corruption in file system which has ultimately damaged your Exchange database.

Exchange Error "1022 JET_err DiskIO": This error generally occurs when Exchange Server tries to access the page number that exceeds the total number of pages. At the end due to these inefficient transaction activities, the Exchange Information store gets corrupted or damaged.

Exchange Error "1216 JET_err AttachedDatbaseMismatch": During the assessment of header information in log files, if it is reported that some important files are removed or substituted then this error is generated. It happens when any running storage group is stopped suddenly which in turn resulted in inconsistencies amongst files of database.

There are also other reasons which could result in generating these kinds of different Jet Engine errors. Some of them are listed below:

  • Corruption prevailing in Exchange database’s critical objects which in turn crashes the software.
  • Power failure, hard disk crash etc. hardware related problems damage the EDB file which was accessed at the particular instant.
  • Unreliable third-party resource which was integrated with Server could result in false data restoration.
Mismatch in Jet files which results in corruption.

The repair and recovery process for Exchange Server Jet Engine error in order to get the access of corrupted file are very few and most of them are covered here. So from the described methods, user can choose any one depending on the level of corruption or all in case nothing works out.

Using ESEUTIL switches for repairing database

ESEUTIL is the repair and recovery process or utility provided by Microsoft which searches out for your corrupted or invalid pages and delete them from your database. For this you just need to launch the command prompt window and then follow these instructions:

  1. ESEUTIL/P switch is to be used to resolve file-system level damage prevailing in the Server database by deleting the corrupted files. It is recommended to take backup before using this command.
  2. Use ESEUTIL/D command to make sure that after defragmentation or removal of corrupted files empty space which was left behind is removed properly.
  3. Finally correct the logical sequence of pages by using ISINTEG utility which removes the logical corruption in the database. Run this command –
    ISINTEG –s servername –fix –test alltestsAlternate Solution
    Note: You can utilize other ESEUTIL switches to troubleshoot Exchange errors like –
    ESEUTIL/m: – This command is used to leave the header information of the database
    ESEUTIL/c: – To perform the hard recovery execution in the database.
    ESEUTIL/k: – To start the examination of the checksum values
    ESEUTIL/g: – To perform integrity analysis of data files
    ESEUTIL/p: – To recover damaged Exchange database
    ESEUTIL/R: – To perform important recovery operations in the Exchange Server database
    ESEUTIL/y: – To perform copy operation on big multiple mailboxes of the database

Restore from latest backup

Taking regular backup is always advised whenever you are doing any kind of work and hence if you are doing so, you can follow this restoring method. Here the database can be restored back in the original form by Exchange Server which performs recovery operation through transaction log files.

However in case you don’t have back up and the earlier described method does not work then there is no other option left other than depending on a third-party Exchange recovery tool, which is professional in recovering the Exchange Server database and in repairing it if is corrupted. The smart third-party tool is all capable to fix Exchange Server Jet Engine and other errors. It performs automated operation to repair Exchange errors and recovers data from its database files. The secured process and ultimate results are its driving forces which you can experience yourself taking a demo of its free version available on its online website. Work uninterruptedly with your Exchange Server now.

Final Words

Multiple kinds of Exchange Server Jet Engine errors leading to inaccessibility of files can be fixed via adopting manual ESEUTIL switches or data can be restored using the latest backup. But for unavailability of backup file and failure of results via ESEUTIL switches, another option of a full proof Exchange Recovery tool is there too.

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