How to handle Exchange public EDB (pub1.edb) file errors?

MS Outlook is one of the most popular email clients among professionals and when it is used with Microsoft Exchange Server platform, the experience of mailing, instant messaging, notes, calendar etc all gets enriched. Thus the collaborative use of Exchange Server and Outlook provides best features to users with enhanced security as Server uses Extensible Storage Facility (ESE) to keep the log files of each email item.

What do you want to know?

Exchange Public EDB files

Exchange Server as we all know supports EDB file format to store its data and this EDB file further contains priv1.edb file and pub1.edb file. Now with every EDB file created, STM file generates automatically. So when we talk about public EDB files, they are pub1.edb and pub1.stm files. These public files store all the emails which are associated with public folder. As EDB files are very crucial for your Exchange Server and are also susceptible towards any kind of corruption, dirty shutdown of your Server creates problems in EDB files. This dirty shutdown of Exchange Server could be because of any reason like:

  • Power failure without any power backup.
  • Bade Sector Areas problem in Hard disk.
  • Improper shutdown of Exchange Server while it was sending or receiving emails.

Apart from dirty shutdown, malware or virus attack could also cause corruptions in your crucial pub1.edb and pub1.stm files. Once any kind of corruption or damage happens to your EDB files you will be bombarded with various Jet Engine errors. Some of them can be like "JET_errRecordNotFound", "JET_errDatabaseCorruptedNoRepair", "JET_errRecordDeleted" etc.

Resolve errors in public EDB files

In order to resolve this corruption, Microsoft has provided utility tools like ESEUTIL and ISINTEG tools. ESEUTIL allows you to use various switches depending on the need of hour. To remove the corruption use ESEUTIL/P switch, which deletes the corrupted files thus helps in clearing the file-level damage. Here it is advised to first take the backup of the files before performing these actions. After deleting use ESEUTIL/D switch to perform the offline defragmentation of file to remove the spaces left behind. Finally run ISINTEG tool to correct the logical sequencing of the EDB files.

Use third-party tool to repair corrupted EDB files

However with this method it is not guaranteed that the corruption will be removed. Also the method may seem a bit complicated for the ones who are not having good technical knowledge of the software. So experts always recommend to use third-party tools that not only repairs EDB files also allows you to convert them into other file formats. You just need to sit back and relax while the tool takes the charge. One such tool which produces the most reliable and trustworthy results in the least amount of time when compared with others.

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