SysTools Word Recovery

Word Repair Software is a user-friendly tool that helps to repair Microsoft Word files (.doc and .docx) by maintaining original formatting, images, page and section breaks, objects and hyperlinks.

  • Has the capability to repair files created by Word 2000 till the latest 2021
  • Retrieves data, images, OLE objects, forms, tables, graphs, hyperlinks etc. accurately
  • Provides the users to choose between 3 different repair modes depending on the extent of corruption
  • Repairs online videos & pictures inserted in Word 2013

SysTools Word Repair: Key Features

Recover Files in a Protected Environment
Recover Files in a Protected Environment

Files with '.doc' or '.docx' extensions are prime targets for repair Word software. The files remain safe because the original text, images, headers/footers, page and section breaks of the documents are preserved. SysTools Word Repair tool is highly efficient in repairing all those files that are inaccessible (due to errors), or start creating blank pages within themselves, or display indecipherable characters.

Easily Locate the File
Easily Locate the File

Opt for SysTools Word Repair software to locate a Word file if the location or the file itself eludes you. The software quickly scans the entire computer to ascertain the whereabouts of the target file. This Repair Word tool is particularly useful of the file was moved to an external storage for archiving purposes.

Recovery Options
Recovery Options

Most basic and fastest is the Simple repair option for minor file corruptions. Minor file corruption would mean a corruption of a Normal template which in turn has the file throwing errors about changed global settings. The Advanced recovery option of SysTools Word repair software is used when the Simple repair option fails to repair a particular word document. Advanced recovery, however, can be performed only on the files saved in 97-2003 formats (.doc). Raw recovery option has the same limitation but is more effective for recovering corrupted doc files. Version 2007 and onwards has seen some major algorithmic changes and hence a file which might take up about 60 MB in .doc format can be converted to a mere 10 MB in .docx format. This is the reason behind the stability of word 2007 and due to which the Advanced and Raw recovery is not required.


Log reports detailing activities performed using SysTools Word Repair software can be generated. It mostly contains the start and end time of scan, time of completion and details of the file like file name etc.

Preview before recovery
Preview before recovery

Once the file scan has completed, a preview of that file is generated so as to allow a review. Here you can decide if you want to go for a full recovery or a simple one. Word File Repair software shows the preview in 3 formats, 'Full document', 'Filtered Text', and 'RAW Text'.

User friendly Interface
User friendly Interface

Word file recovery and repair software has a very easy-to-use interface and does not require any manual, guidance or technical acumen of any sort.

Tips & Tricks for SysTools Word Repair

  • Repair Corrupt DOC & DOCX Files
  • Recovers Text, Font, Hyperlinks, Header, Footer, Charts, Comments etc
  • Saves to DOC & DOCX file
  • Support Batch File Recovery
  • Supports all MS Word and Windows versions

Software Walkthroug

Software Specifications

SysTools Word Recovery specifications, users can follow before use of this software for ease of working:

About Product
Personal, Business, & Enterprise
System Requirement
Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor (x86, x64) or equivalent
1 GB recommended
Hard Disk:
100 MB for installation files
Operating System:
Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7
MS Word:
MS Office 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007
Whats new:

SysTools Word Recovery tool now is available with more valuable features.

  • Can automatically detect the Word file
  • Supports MS Office 2021 version
  • Facility to restore password from DOCM in MS Word 2007

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Word Recovery Software capable to recover the original formatting of Word files?

Yes, SysTools Word Repair Software is capable to recover your damaged or corrupt Word files without changing their original hyperlink, font, color, font, text, headers/footers, embedded images, font size , and numerous other features of Word file.

Can I utilize 'MS Word' file while Word file repair software is running?

No, you could not use MS Word file while Word file repair software is running. So, keep in mind that 'MS Word' is closed while this great repair Word software performing its work.

Can I repair the MS Word documents whose location is not well known?

Yes, SysTools Word file repair software provides you an alternative in order to search for 'MS Word' file whose location is unknown or forgotten.

What is Raw Recovery? How may I utilize raw recovery option of Word file repair software?

You may recover various corrupt or damaged Word files in 'Raw Text' format. In order to discover 'Raw Recovery' option, you need to go to 'Save Document' dialogue box and go to 'Save As' heading under it and select 'Raw Text' from there. So, after choosing 'Raw Text', the Word file repair software will run the 'Raw Recovery' process. In which case I should use 'Simple Repair' option?

I found an error 'This file is corrupt and cannot be opened’. What should I do to repair Word File?

This file is corrupt and cannot be opened’ error displays that your Word file is corrupt or damage. You may recover your file by using SysTools Repair Word software.

Does Word repair software function for all Word File Errors?

Yes, Word file recovery software is able to help for the entire Word file errors.

Where the 'Simple Repair' option can be used?

It can be used to perform the standard scan against any corrupted word file which can be both '.doc' and '.docx' types. Repair and recovery of file is performed keeping your original formatting, embedded images, charts, headers-footers intact.

Where to use 'Advance Repair' option?

Select this recovery option for in depth scanning of corrupted '.doc' file. If corruption of file still exists after doing 'Simple Recovery' then you can perform 'Advance Repair'.

What are the different formats of preview in demo version?

Three types of preview displayed in demo version are:

  • Full document: This looks exactly the way you see a file in Microsoft Word. Text is displayed with original formatting, fonts, images, style and other objects.
  • Filtered Text: Here the text is previewed without formatting.
  • Raw text: This option can be used only for '.DOC file'. It displays the file content in machine-readable format.

SysTools Word Recovery: Compare Editions

SysTools Word Recovery
Instant Delivery By Email
Personal License $85  $45  Offer till This Week - Save $40 Buy Now File Repair Toolkit $119  $69  Offer till This Week - Save $50 Buy Now
Common features
Intallation and Usage Single PC Single PC
License Validity Lifetime One Year
Free Technical Support Limited Unlimited
Key features
Repairs DOC and DOCX files yes yes
RAW Recovery Options to Repair Corrupt Files yes yes
Excel Repair
Repairs XLS and XLSX files yes
PowerPoint Repair
Repairs PPT, PPTX, & PPTM Files yes
PDF Repair
Repairs Large Corrupt PDF File Upto 2 GB yes
Restores Hyperlinks, Bookmarks, Comments, Header & Footer yes
  $45Buy Now $69Buy Now

What Clients are Saying


I am overwhelmed with the results generated while performing the recovery of my severely corrupted Word files. As the files were severely corrupted and they contained the critical information, I was worried whether any tool would be able to recover all my data without losing a single bit of information.

rating5Bruno Dominguez Managing Director

I am fortunate that I used this tool for repairing my corrupted Word files as it took least amount of time and the results produced by it are totally trustworthy and reliable. When I was viewing the results, I was amazed with tool’s accuracy as nothing was lost and everything was just like original. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

rating5Cedric Grimes QA Lead

SysTools Word Repair tool is one among many recovery tools which I had used in order to recover my data from corrupted Word file but the results produced by it distinguished it from others. Outstanding results and that too in the least required time. The tool could also be used on any Word file version. A masterpiece which is recommended to be used by everyone.

rating5Gabriel Buck Project Head
SysTools Word Recovery

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