How to fix Can't move the items error in Outlook?

With Outlook as the most common mode of maintaining corporate communication, it is intensively becoming choice of the professionals day by day. They are quite aware of the issues which often try and sometimes succeed in tampering the Outlook files. Some of the issues has been thoroughly worked upon and perfectly resolved, while some are still a step away from getting resolved.

One technical issue among many is “Can’t move items.” It simply reads as:

  • "Can't move the items. The items could not be moved. It was either already moved or deleted, or access was denied."
  • "Can't move the items. Could not move the item. The original was either moved or deleted, or access was denied."
  • "Can't move the items. Could not complete the operation. One or more parameter values are not valid."

So, the variation in error can be easily observed. Somewhere, it talks of defective parameters while at the other point it mentions the unjust clarification for migrating the desired item.

Understanding the chemistry of Error

The occurrence of an error may be due to different reasons. To understand the exact reason of its occurrence, it is required to consider the suspected points:

  • Oversized Outlook file: The Outlook saving capacity sometimes gets saturated due to limited size of the Outlook version. When user tries to save an item of it, the Outlook files gets static and does not move to the required destination.
  • Filled Deleted Items Folder: To empty the Outlook inbox we keep on deleting the mails. Alike Outlook’s saving capacity, the Deleted Files folder also has limited capacity to keep the deleted files. Once the capacity is crossed, the items fail to move into it.
  • Administrator Policies on PC: In some organizations, the system administrators restrict the user controls to inhibit data theft and software malfunctioning or sometimes to avoid migration to other email platforms.
  • Normal corruption: The occurrence of normal corruption of Outlook files is a day to day issue. It can be primarily resolved by running Scanpst.exe tool or Scanost.exe. If the issue does not get resolved then, it is recommended to look for the assistance from external agency.

Resolving the ‘Can’t move items’ Error

Now the time has come to discuss the perfect resolutions that can be afforded by the user without losing any item from the outlook mailbox. The suggested resolutions are as follows:

Remove explicit DENY from certain permissions: To remove DENY from certain permissions, user is requested to follow these steps:

  1. Start Exchange System Manager.
  2. Under the Folders->click Public Folders->Properties.
  3. Hit the Security tab followed by Everyone group.
  4. Click to deselect the Deny check box for the following three permissions:
    Create public folder.
    Create top level public folder.
    Create named properties in the information store.
  5. Click Apply followed by OK to close the properties.

Emptying ‘Deleted Items’ folder: If you have a habit of keep deleting the mails from the outlook mailbox, then you must also train yourself to delete the ‘Deleted Items’ as well. The reason behind such rationale is that if the deleted items folder gets full, no more deleted files can be accepted by the folder.

Splitting oversized Outlook files: Oversized never fits the standard size. Similarly, if the Outlook files are oversized, the mailbox cannot contain it anymore and may not provide access to it citing corruption reasons.

Taking assistance from inbuilt solution: The inbuilt solution comes with Outlook. It resolves some issues to much greater extent. The inbuilt solution comprises Scanpst.exe or Scanost.exe which solves the small issues very successfully. If you face any inaccessibility or ‘Can’t move item’ issue, it is better to call the file for such assistance.

External assistance – Third-party Software: It is the final resolution to the issues related to the Outlook platforms. The call for such assistance is sometimes made initially without taking assistance from the inbuilt utilities. The implementation of such perfect PST Repair tool is good for user.


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