"The file xxxx.pst is not a personal folder files" error in Outlook

Although Outlook embedded with several outstanding features, makes communication very easy among professionals but still there are instances when users of Outlook have faced challenges. These challenges which often occur due to corruption or damage of PST file effects the normal working of Outlook and at the end restricts users from accessing their important mails and documents.

Here we are discussing about the error "The file xxxx.pst is not a personal folder file" where xxxx.pst represents the name of accessed file. As we all know PST file is the file which stores all your data of Outlook in a personal storage table format. It is further divided into header and data part. The header part of the PST file contains the most important information of a particular file like file size, signature, compatibility, version etc whereas the data part as name suggests contains the data of the file.

Now coming back to the error, this error generally occurs if there is any kind of damage or corruption present in the header part of the file. Once the header part of the PST file gets corrupted, Outlook can no longer recognize it as a valid file and hence when you try accessing this file, it will report this error. There are various reasons which could be held responsible for corruption of the PST file like virus attack, corruption in mailbox items or Windows registry settings, invalid username or password, improper configuration of system files.

To deal with this error, the foremost thing which one can do is to repair it with Inbox Repair Tool. Inbox Repair Tool is Microsoft’s utility to remove existing corruptions from the PST file. To repair it, open the tool and then type the path of the concerned file which is creating the problem and start the process. Once process is finished, try accessing your file.

In case the corruption is too severe, Inbox Repair Tool will also fail in repairing it hence the need of a professional tool arises. It is the professional PST Repair tool which could handle such issues by repairing the severely corrupted file within minutes. While repairing the corrupted or damaged file, the tool maintains the data integrity of file and do not lose a single bit of information during the process.

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