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Data Repair Tools Article | How to Fix No Valid MBOX Files were Found Error?

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How to Fix No Valid MBOX Files were Found Error?

Email | 4 min read| Dominic Lopez | Updated On - November 17, 2022

With the increasing demand of professional email clients, software market is flooded with various email clients that are chosen by customers depending upon their needs and demands. These email clients are developed to handle the emails professionally for anyone be it an entrepreneur or a businessman. Each email client stores its emails in one or other kind of file formats which may or may not be supported by other email clients.

What is MBOX file?

MBOX is a file format which is supported by various Mozilla based email clients like Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Spicebird, Eudora, Entourage, PocoMail etc. The most striking feature of this file format is that it stores all the emails in one single page where each message is concatenated one after another beginning of which is indicated by ‘FROM’.

Facing No valid MBOX files found Error

Since nothing is perfect, same is the case with each and every email client. There is one or the other problem you are going to face irrespective of the email client. One such error which is encountered by users while importing the MBOX files is “No valid MBOX files found”. Elaborating the situation by taking an example of Apple mail where you are attempting to copy the archived MBOX files into your external storage with the ‘Import’ option available in ‘Menu’. While doing so, you encountered the message which reads “No valid MBOX files found”.

Reasons and resolutions of ‘No valid MBOX files found error’

Let us know the possible reasons behind “No valid MBOX files found” error and the related solution for it one by one.

First Reason: Migrating MBOX files from one Mac version to another.

Solution: Prior implementing the process, it is recommended to take the back-up of the files by entering the command: ~/library/mail/and~/library/preferences/

  • In order to resolve this problem, you need to exit your Apple Mail application and locate for the folder which you want to import.
  • After locating the folder, you will find the root folder for each of the email account associated with Apple Mail. Go to that root mailbox folder by navigating down to one level.
  • Here, double click on the MBOX file to find the mailbox folder which you want to import.
  • Once the MBOX file which is to be restored is identified, launch your Apple Mail again and click on ‘Import’ under ‘Menu’ option.
  • A wizard will appear where click on the ‘Apple Mail’ option instead of ‘Files in MBOX format’. Then click on Continue.
  • Navigate towards the MBOX file location, select the files and click on Choose. The MBOX files content can be previewed. Now, click on Continue.
  • Restart Apple Mail application.
  • Check the import mailbox and migrate the mailbox to the original path.
  • Migration of MBOX files is complete. Now, user can take a look at the preference list to analyze the mail rules.

This method will help you in performing the successful import of your MBOX files but the method requires a good technical knowledge and hence novice user cannot totally rely on this method.

Second Reason: Accessing Incorrect Directories


  • First of all, backup the directory level by one.
  • Select the mailboxes folder from /home/library/mail/mailboxes/
  • The MBOX files will be displayed.
  • Now, select the MBOX files required to be imported and initiate the import process.

Third Reason: Migrating MBOX files from Apple to external devices

Solution: At times, users tend to save the MBOX files to the external storage devices like pendrive and hard disk. When these files are accessed, the users encounter inaccessibility error due to issue with external devices or its system compatibility. In such case it is recommended to import the MBOX files and migrate the file safely in to other location using a reliable solution.

Pricey, yet Worthy Solution

So, in order to ease the process, it is recommended to use the third-party tool which helps in recovering your MBOX files using few steps along with converting the MBOX files into other file formats like PST, EML, MSG or HTML etc. The tool is designed in such a way that even a novice user can work with it like a professional.

It provides both selective and multiple conversion of files depending upon the need of hour and the requirement of customer. It also helps users to search for a particular MBOX file in order to restore it based on various searching criteria like ‘To, From, CC, Subject, Attachment’ etc. MBOX to PST Converter tool also provides the trial version which can be downloaded for free from the software website which includes all vital features of the tool but with some conversion limitation. To enjoy unlimited conversion, please buy the full version of the tool online from the same software website.

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