Best Office 365 Backup and Recovery Software Solutions in 2023

Office 365 is the online subscription plan from Microsoft that has all the Office-based services like Word, PowerPoint, Access, Excel, Skype, etc. along with several other high-end applications like Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Teams, etc. it also has OneDrive space in Terabytes for saving files. Due to advanced threat protection and dependable durability of all data, Microsoft does not provide any backup option for saved user information. However, businesses like to increase their safety options to make useful data safe from various threats like hacking, spyware attacks, or ransomware breaching attempts.

In case, if the user account has been breached, then Office 365 will recover the data for the past 30-90 days only. On the Microsoft Services Agreement page, it has clearly mentioned that Microsoft is not liable for any data disruption or data loss. While facing a service outage, the user will not recover their data. It is advised to consistently take a backup in the offline file using third-party applications.

Moreover, there will be different benefits of taking the Office 365 Backup for a business in multiple ways.

  1. A controlled data safety – A professional backup provides total control in saving the mailbox, contacts, and other important content. A true backup action does not hinder the accessibility of data, but whenever the admin requires the information, then they can access the backup file. It guarantees that you do not have control over your data.
  2. Protection from multiple threats – The probability of a severe external threat is minimal, but there can be some targeted ransomware attacks and a novice user may delete the mailbox too. A backup minimizes the chances of loss due to these threats.
  3. Backup following Microsoft Service Agreement – Microsoft has allowed the users to take a backup using the third-party service or professional application, but it should follow the data compliance and must maintain the folder hierarchy or data arrangement. The backup file should not change the order of mailbox content.
  4. Instant restoration from a backup file – The backup file should be accessible and it should be restored whenever a necessity occurs. In some events, when the data is lost, hacked, or deleted, then the backup file will be used to restore the mailbox to its original account or any other desired account.
Stellar Converter for Office 365

A comprehensive solution for taking an entire backup of Office 365 mailboxes by extracting the chosen content.

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Kernel Office 365 Backup & Restore

A two-in-one answer to backup and restore requirements for Office 365 mailbox in multiple formats.

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SysTools Office 365 Export

An export tool to save Office 365 mailbox, and archive mailbox into different output formats with special features.

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Common features
Takes a backup of emails, contacts, tasks, journals, and calendar details. Saves complete mailbox including their email folders, contacts, deleted items, calendar, etc. Creates a direct export job for various mailboxes while keeping all the folders intact including emails and other data.
Saves the backup in PST, MSG, PDF, RTF, HTML, and EML format. Provides backup options in PDF, MSG, PST, HTML, MHTML, EML, DOC, and DOCX formats. Saves the Office 365 mailboxes in PST, MSG, and EML formats.
Exports multiple Office 365 mailboxes. Chooses multiple mailboxes using Admin accounts. Helps admin to save multiple Office 365 mailboxes in the backup.
Extracts attachments separately. Allows selecting different mailbox folders separately. Accesses separate content for specific backup.
Applies different filters based on various properties. Provides different kinds of filters to help admin to minimize the saving data. Applies Date filter along with several parameters for Office 365 mailbox.
A free trial version shows a preview of backup emails. A demo version of the software takes the backup of 10 items per folder. The free demo version takes a backup of the first 100 emails as well as 25 other items.
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Key features
Takes the backup of large-sized mailboxes by splitting the mailbox into multiple sizes. Facilitates the backup procedure while maintaining the mailbox hierarchy. Maintains the read/unread status of such emails during the backup process.
Saves the backup files in desired format and selected location. Does not require the MS Outlook application to create the PST backup file. Provides numerous naming conventions for backup data in the EML format.
Takes the backup of archive mailboxes. Supports all subscription plans of Office 365. Supports all Office 365 subscription plans.
Takes the backup of shared mailboxes. Allows choosing primary mailbox, archive mailbox, and public folder for separate backup. The attachments of each email will be exported in the backup file too.
Automatically detects all the mailboxes associated with Office 365 mailboxes. Stops deleted folders from backup Requires MS Outlook installed on the system to create a PST backup file.
A special quick search to locate the mailbox items in multiple mailboxes with different parameters. Stops empty folders from backup. Logins with Office 365 accounts even when the primary email address and UPN address are different.
Generates the Office 365 report after completing the export. Restores the offline PST files directly to Office 365 account. Special option to pause and resume the ongoing backup process.
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  1. All three recommended tools are the best and work effectively. Each tool has unique features that can be used based on the needs of the user. The blog has described the advantages, common features, and key features of all three tools so that each user can understand and select the best one for their needs. I used the Stellar converter for Office 365, which helped me get a successful result.

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