7 Methods to Fix MS Access Database Error 3151

Error 3151 is a run-time error that occurs when Microsoft Access crashes or shuts down out of a sudden whilst working. The closing of Access doesn’t mean anything wrong with the code or database. It can cause loss of database and precious time. Just like any irritating disease this error is also irritating and has symptoms, causes as well as more than one solution.

How to identify its symptoms?

The symptoms are not pre-announced as the error doesn’t give any warning before shutting down Microsoft Access. The error message can appear anytime when Microsoft Access is run again. Here are few symptoms to identify the error 3151:

  • The error message or any other dialogue box appears one after another very frequently if it is not addressed at an early stage.
  • One of the common symptoms is the appearance and disappearance of files on their own. Though this symptom can also be caused due to a virus attack this cannot be ignored as a symptom for error 3151.

The user may also experience suddenly reduced internet speed as a symptom of this error.

  • Again it is a common thing in any system but it should be checked for error 3151.

What are the causes for this error 3151?

Errors and viruses are very common in the computer world. Errors happen due to some unattended or ignored glitches during design and testing time. This can lead to the occurrence of errors during run time and error 3151 is similar to that condition.

Here are a few causes to error 3151:

  • One of the general causes is running multiple incompatible programs at the same time.
  • There is an obvious cause of not identifying the glitches and beta errors while designing and testing.
  • The other causes involve memory problems, bad graphics drivers, and even virus infection can create such errors with disturbance in the code.
How to solve and fix the error?

Any error or corrections should be dealt with at the earliest to minimize the damage caused by them. There is more than one solution for error 3151 that can be followed. Here are the best fixes that are tested by the users:

#First Method: Closing the programs that are conflicting

As mentioned above that running multiple incompatible programs at the same time can cause the error to happen. Hence closing these conflicting programs is the easiest method to solve the error. Just follow the steps mentioned below to fix the error:

  • Open Task Manager> Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to open up the dialog box that shows the list of currently running programs.
  • Go to the ‘Process’ tab and select each program until it highlights the name to stop the programs by clicking the ‘End process button’.
  • One of the important things to do during this process is to observe whether the error message is reoccurring or not after ending the programs.
  • Once the troubled program is identified you may go ahead and perform the next step to solve this error. The next step is to reinstall the program so that it gets all the standard set of code to perform naturally.
#Second Method: Update or Reinstall the Troublesome Programs

Use of Control Panel

  • Different users use different Windows OS. For Windows 7, Click the Start button > Control Panel > Uninstall a program.
  • For Windows 8 there is an additional step. Click Start button > Scroll down and click more settings > Control Panel > Uninstall a program.
  • Windows 10 has made it a lot simpler. Just type Control Panel in the search box and click on it > Click uninstall a program.
  • After performing the steps as mentioned above respective to the Windows edition. Click the problem program in the programs and features > Click update or reinstall.
  • The next few steps depend on whether the users have opted for updating the program or to reinstall it. Both cases have different steps to be followed as suggested by the system.
#Third Method: Update programs such as Antivirus or Download & Install latest Windows edition

It is quite clear that rebooting a machine or a system does very good to them. Sometimes it is necessary for rejuvenation and hence it is important to check and update antivirus programs from time to time. If necessary download and install the latest windows to your system along with all its drivers, packages, and virus-free folders.
Run a system scan after updating the antivirus and make sure that every virus is fixed or eliminated.

#Fourth Method: Runtime Libraries to be reinstalled

Error 3151 can be significant to the corrupted package of C++package that is not installed properly or completely. The lack of packages required for the operation on it may cause the error. Hence, uninstall the incomplete package and search for the complete and fresh version of it. Then download and use for error-free functioning.

  • The program may be found in the programs and features. Find and highlight the C++ redistributable package for uninstalling.
  • Click on uninstall at the top of the list and reboot your computer system to free it from the remainder of the corrupted package.
  • Download the latest version and install it.
#Fifth Method: Disk Cleanup

Free space is important and necessary for a computer to process anything with ease. So, freeing some space of your system might just help.

  • Back up important files of your system and free space on the hard drive.
  • Clear cache files in your computer and reboot for better results.
  • Disk cleanup can be used on the main directory which in general cases is the C drive.
  • Click properties on the C drive and then click disk cleanup to act.
#Sixth Method: Graphics Driver Reinstallation

Sometimes a bad graphic driver is the main reason for runtime error. Hence reinstalling it might solve the problem.

  • Open Device Manager and navigate graphics driver.
  • Right-click on the video card driver before clicking uninstall. Then reboot your computer.
#Seventh Method: Runtime error related to IE

The Internet can sometimes bring unwanted files into the system. In such cases where the error is related to the internet explorer following actions need to be done.

  • Reset Browser: Using Control Panel or simply searching, find the internet options > Go to Advanced tab > Reset.
  • Disable notifications for script debugging and error: Internet Options > Tick radio button > Uncheck ‘Display a notification about every script error > Click Apply and OK and reboot the computer.

Runtime error can be caused by several issues that are solvable following any of the above methods. In case no method suffices to the problem-solving abilities, either it is a different error or the best way to tackle is backing up important data and repair your computer system.

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