Easy Ways to fix Frozen and Hung Videos

Experience has become the most important attribute for better sustenance. We usually tend to expect a smooth transition in every activity we undertake.

When we play a video on any of our devices, we would rather expect that to function endlessly and without interruption. However, if the video lags or freezes in between, you end up feeling unpleasant and irritated.

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Sometimes, a video can freeze, and once you refresh the screen, minimize the full-screen mode, or pause and play the video, it plays again. But sometimes, despite these efforts, it ends up hanging continuously. There is an issue with your device or the video’s refresh rate, and that has to be fixed. Let us explore the important ways with the help of which the videos can function without any disruption again.

Why does your video freeze?

Videos are always prone to technical glitches, which a variety of reasons may cause. Some of the most common issues that can hamper your experience have been listed as follows:

  • Issues in Drivers
    It is important to update your audio and video drivers regularly
  • Inadequate Display resolution
    Sometimes the device’s screen resolution is not adequate to support the resolution of the video or vice-versa.
  • Hardware issues
    The malfunctioning and failure of RAM, Hard Disk, and Graphic Card Reader causes lags.
  • Corrupted File
    There is also a possibility that the video file is damaged and is not workable at all.

How to fix these frozen and hung videos?

We are here to enumerate some of the easiest methods to fix this irritating issue. The list goes as follows:

Check your Bandwidth

If you are streaming online videos, then the speed of the internet can be a reason to worry if your video freezes repeatedly. You have to check the internet speed to ensure that the video gets enough bandwidth to run. With a slow internet speed, you may be unable to play, share and upload videos.
If you are streaming online videos, then the speed of the internet can be a reason to worry if your video freezes repeatedly.

Update the Graphic Card Readers

Graphic Card Readers and drivers are essential for smoothly running any video. They are the ones sending commands to the operating system to adjust the video to the screen size and resolution and play the same continuously. So, it is necessary to keep the drivers updated. This can be done with the following steps:

  • Open the control panel and click on the ‘Device Manager’.
  • Select ‘Display Adapters’ and right click on the card installed on your system.
    Select 'Display Adapters' and right click on the card installed on your system.
  • Select ‘Update Driver Software’ from the pop window that appears.
  • The system will automatically restart after a successful update.

Change the media player.

Every media player supports specific and defined formats of videos. Sometimes, your video might not run as its file is unsupported by the player. You can fix this issue by installing a media player that supports a specific format or converting the video in question to the existing media player.

Check the hardware properly.

There is also a possibility that certain hardware issues are responsible for lagging or freezing the videos. Overheating the device or abrupt closure of the UPS and CPU can be responsible for this nuisance. You can eliminate these issues by ventilating the surrounding and following proper instructions to shut down the system.

Repairing the corrupted file

Many times, the issue lies with the video file itself. If the video is not healthy, it may not run despite undertaking all the above-mentioned measures. In such a case, you can troubleshoot the video with the help of a video repair tool. It scans the file and fixes malware and bugs. Such a recovery can be definitely useful to serve the purpose.

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These methods are tried and tested and are able to fulfil the given requirement. You may not encounter the issue of frozen videos again if you follow these steps. It is also advisable to avoid such situations by regularly updating your drivers and Antiviruses. You can also install the latest codecs in order to avoid such problems in the future.

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