Outlook Password Recovery to Recover Forgotten Password [2023]

An experienced Outlook user is aware of the fact that once you have connected an account in Outlook, then you do not require to input user credentials again. The mailbox will open quickly after starting the Outlook. It makes the account vulnerable to unauthorized access. Suppose, you are not present on your workstation and one of your colleagues opens Outlook, then they can access your mailbox without any interruption. So, Microsoft offers you to apply a password on your PST file. It will protect the data and secure your account too. In any password forgotten, lost situation, Outlook password recovery tool can help you to access your Outlook account.

The password prompt will appear each time Outlook starts or when the user tries to open the account separately.

Create a password in Outlook

It is a good practice to create a PST password and change it routinely.

  1. Open Outlook and click File, then choose Account Settings>>Account Settings.
    Open Outlook and click File
  2. Go to the Data Files tab and choose a data file. Choose, Settings.
    Go to the Data Files tab and choose a data file. Choose, Settings
  3. Click on Change settings and provide a new password. Finally, click OK.
    Click on Change settings and provide a new password

Best tips to handle passwords in Outlook and about Outlook password recovery tool

  1. Password should use case-sensitive characters, uppercase, lowercase, and numerical values. There should be a minimum of 8 characters in a password.
  2. The user should remember the Outlook password as Microsoft cannot retrieve it once forgotten.
  3. The password works for the entire mailbox and not for individual folders.

Microsoft has clearly denoted that it cannot recover a forgotten password. If you forget one password, then there is no manual method to recover it. You will require to delete the account and add it again.

Some professional Outlook Password recovery tool can recover passwords from one or multiple PST files. They will maintain the encryption and help you to access your Outlook account again.

Kernel Outlook Password Recovery

The tool recovers complex passwords from all versions of Outlook and resets them accordingly.

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SysTools PST Password Remover

The software works independently and does not require Outlook to recover passwords from PST files.

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Stellar Password Recovery for Outlook

Recover lost, forgotten, or even corrupt passwords from PST files securely. It unlocks highly encrypted passwords easily.

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Common features
Recovers only passwords excluding the mailbox data. Recovers passwords by removing the applied protection. A simple DIY tool to recover passwords without technical assistance.
Uses advanced algorithms in a simple user interface. Requires a minimum number of steps within a simple user interface. Unlocks Outlook account with a simple set of steps and interface.
Recovers passwords from encrypted PST files. Removes encryption from PST files. Removes passwords from encrypted files.
Recovers PST file’s passwords at once. Recovers passwords from unlimited files single-handedly. Unlimited recovery of passwords from different PST files.
Displays recovered passwords. Shows the recovered password of each PST file. Shows a preview of recovered PST files.
Changes recovered passwords. Offers to set a new password on PST files. Resets older passwords with a new one.
The trial version recovers passwords from PST files up to 500 MB. The free trial version shows the status with a lock icon mentioning that PST is protected. Does not provide any free trial version.
Key features
A zero data loss recovery of the password without affecting the mailbox data. Recovers passwords from multiple PST files in a bulk. Uses a simple drag-&-drop feature to access PST files and remove passwords.
Recovers lengthy, complex, and forgotten passwords completely. Recovers lengthy passwords in a minimum time. Automatically searches for PST files from saving locations.
Recovers multilingual passwords easily. Works on all versions of Windows and Outlook. Generates up to 6 sets of passwords to access the data file.
Removes recovered passwords from PST files. Removes older passwords from scanned PST files. Offers to access PST files without any password.
Generates an alternate passwords. Allows creating a new password. Creates new passwords after recovering older ones.
Supports all versions of Outlook including Outlook 2021. Requires MS Outlook installed to access running accounts. Recovers passwords by unlocking encrypted PST files.
Sets new passwords with different complexity. Recovers multilingual passwords easily. Supports the latest version of Outlook 2021 too.
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