Photo Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Files [2023]

Today the emergence of smartphones has allowed the users to click unlimited photos and transfer them to a computer to edit Photoshop, and process them for further use. If you are a graphic designer, professional cameraman, or social media manager then you know the importance of an image for your business needs. To protect the photos, the photos from being corrupted the users take the backup in cloud storage. But many users stay saved their photos on local drives on the computer. It makes the image to the corruption like any other file present on a computer.

Thankfully, there are many third-party photo recovery software that can repair all kinds of photos and allow you to use them at the required place. To solve your problem, we checked several websites and blogs from professionals who review the software and saw their recommendations. We are enlisting the three most highly rated photo repair software and showing their properties that are available for recovery. But, each software should have some features that attract the users to use it instantly. Some features are following-

  1. User-interface – The user interface of the photo repair software should be minimal or simple enough to understand. There should be no prerequisites to start the repair process. Some software offers a direct drag-&-drop feature to add the corrupt images, so it is good to have such an option.
  2. Multiple format support – Some photo recovery tools are designed to support a single image format only. If you only work with a single format, then it is fine. But, for a larger prospect, you should buy such software that supports all the major image formats (PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIF, MRW, SRF, CRW, etc.)
  3. Support for camera brands – Some camera brands have their own photo formats (Sony camera creates ARW files) and some software like illustrator creates their formats like AI. So, you should choose such software that supports multiple camera brands too.
  4. Wide range compatibility – Many repair software runs on only the latest version of Windows or macOS. If you are still sticking with the older versions of Operating Systems, then check the compatibility of the software with your OS.

Based on these parameters, we are showing you a table of the best 3 photo repair software that perform better with all image formats and corruption issues.

RecoveryRobot® Photo Recovery

Resourceful recovery software to repair images from the computer’s local drives and connected media devices.

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Stellar Photo Recovery

An all-around software to recover corrupt as well as lost, unfinished, grainy, and blurry photos from their location directly.

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Kernel Photo Repair

A simplest yet highly effective photo repair software that supports all-important photo formats and brands.

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Common features
Repairs corrupt photos flexibly. Repairs corrupt photos showing various errors. Repair corrupt and unopenable photos directly.
Supports GIF, ICO, JPG, JPEG, PNG, PSD, PSP, QPW, SHW, and TIF images. Recovers photos from JPEG, GIF, PNG, RAW, formats, and various extensions. Supports maximum formats like BMP, JPG, JPEG, RIFF, GIF, RAF, PNG, NEF, MRW, etc.
Repairs photos in three simple steps. Requires only three steps to complete the process. Repairs corrupt photos within four simple steps.
Recovers photos from accessible media devices too. Recovers photos from various removable devices. Supports various types of removal devices and memory cards.
Saves photos at the user-defined location. Allows choosing saving location for repaired photos. Asks for saving location before starting the repair process.
No trial version is available. The trial mode shows a preview of recovered photos. The free trial version saves repair photos in thumbnail size.
24*7 technical assistance. 24*7 technical support. 24*7 client support.
Key features
Scans the folder or drive where the corrupt photo is saved. Supports important camera brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Kodak, Samsung, Pentax, Fuji, Minolta, etc. Repairs unlimited corrupt photos in a single recovery attempt.
A deep scan is available for severely corrupt photos. Uses deep recovery through an advanced data algorithm. Repair corrupt photos from different formats at once.
Runs on all file systems FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, and EXFAT. Recovers 4K, 8K, mirrorless, drone, 360 degrees, and VR videos. Offers a direct drag-&-drop feature to add the photos.
Recovers photos from all graphic file formats. Recovers deleted photos completely. Runs on only Windows Operating System.
Chooses videos from all hard drive media. Removes photo issues like blurriness, grainy, distortions, disorientation, etc. Recovers high-resolution photos easily.
Accesses photos from several card types. Recovers videos from encrypted system drives. Restores photos in their original size, pixel size, and format.
Provides several search parameters based on photo properties. Special option to apply new file headers manually as well as automatically. Recovers encrypted photos.
Locates the deleted photos from their location. Repair corrupt videos and audio files too. Shows the Saved File Location after a successful recovery.
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