5 Free Ways to Repair Corrupt JPEG Files

JPEG is the popular image format that we have been continuously using in our computers and smartphones for a longer period. Although we do not pay more attention to the format of the images as the images seem quite similar irrespective of the format. But, JPEG is the most prevalent image format due to its lossless compression and its support to the majority of smartphones and professional cameras.

As the security features of the computers have grown better with each operating system, the threats to the computer’s data have also grown exponentially. There are multiple reasons for a corrupt JPEG image file and you need to use a suitable repair method based on the level of corruption. If you have some images that were opening easily earlier, but now not opening in any image viewer tool or they are showing any kind of error, then you should look for the possible cause of JPEG error and its solution.

Here are some types of corruption that should be removed as soon as possible whenever you face them while trying to open the image.

  • Header Corruption
    The header corruption in the image stops it from loading in the image viewer. If you are trying to open the image and it shows only the thumbnail of the JPEG format, then you should understand that the header part of the image is corrupt.
  • Corruption in image data
    A corruption in image data makes it more distorted, blurry, white-screen, or completely inoperable. Sometimes, the viewer tool shows the error that it is unable to open the image.
  • Malware attack
    If you are suspicious of a malware attack on the computer, then the images may be the most vulnerable files to be affected by it. Malware can easily corrupt the JPEG files by altering their structure or data.
  • Corrupt hard-drive sector
    A sector in the hard-drive is the specific part where it saves the information of the drives. If a hard-drive sector is corrupt, then the image will be corrupt also.
  • Abrupt system shutdown
    If the system got a power cut and the system was shut down abruptly and you were using the image, then there are maximum chances that the image will also lose some data and have corruption.

DIY methods to repair the corrupt JPEG image

There is no need to delete your corrupt images, but you can use some free ways to repair and retrieve them in the same quality as you had saved them.

  1. Restore the image from the backup
    If you have taken a backup of the image earlier, then it is wise to delete the false one and restore the healthy file from the backup media. During the backup, you save the images on the cloud or save them in an external hard disk. Any kind of backup strategy will work fine if you can restore the data easily. You should access the images from the backup location and restore it to the original folder.
  2. Change the format
    If you had saved the image from any other format into JPEG unwantedly, then it will show an error while opening. You can change the format by opening it in the paint and use the Save As feature to save it in a different suitable format.
  3. Use Image Editors
    There are multiple professional image editing tools like Canva, Piktochart, Pixlr, etc. available on the Internet where you can open the images with a smaller level of corruption. You should open the image and apply some basic changes. Then you can save it again in the JPEG format.
  4. Scan the hard-disk drive for corruption
    Windows gives adaptive security features for maintaining the health of the drive data. But if there is corruption affecting the files, then you can scan the disk using such methods only.
    Open a command prompt as the Administrator.
    Open a command prompt as the Administrator

    Run CHKDSK drive-name /r and click enter.

    Run CHKDSK drive-name /r and click enter.
    As the drive is in use where you are trying to open the JPEG image, then click Y to dismount the scan on the drive. Let the scan complete the then restart the computer. Now try to open the image again normally.

  5. Use the Image Repair tool
    When the manual methods are not able to repair the bad JPEG files, then you should move forward in using the professional photo repair too. There can be specific JPEG repair tools or such tools that support a great number of image files. Always look for such a tool that can save multiple image files simultaneously and save the image back in proper format and health.

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  1. The methods listed above assist me in repairing my JPEG files. The methods suggested in this blog are very simple and well described with pictures to make them understandable to any user. Thank you for sharing this informative blog.

  2. I found many tools to repair my JPEG images, then suddenly I read this blog and apply this method, After applying the methods, this tool easily repair all my JPEG image data like-corrupted images, header corruption and more.

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