Photo Repair | Repair Corrupt Photos Free [2023]

Photos are the medium that protects our precious memories and it is saddening to lose them due to some corruption. A virus corruption, unfinished file transfer, bad sectors of hard drive, power outage, etc. can damage a photo so that it will not open in any image viewing application.

How does photo repair software help you in retrieving the photos?

You can control many aspects of protecting the photos from different threats, but they are many attacks that are beyond your control. Nowadays, there are ransomware attacks that stop you from accessing your computer or hackers can access photos without your permission. But, photo repair software can not only recover corrupt images but can also better the quality.

A professional photo repair software can recover grainy, blurry, and distorted images while improving their visual quality.

Best tips to stop photos from being corrupt?

Although you can purchase a professional photo repair and overcome any corruption or other display-related issues with photos, you can also use some tips to stop the photos from being corrupt.

  1. Maintain a steady and consistent power supply to the computer.
  2. Do not make haste while transferring or downloading the photos.
  3. Check the USB drive, flash drive, or other external devices for corruption before accessing data into them.
  4. Do not scatter the photos into different drives, but keep them in a centralized folder.
  5. Save the photos to cloud storage to avoid space shortage.
  6. Take a backup of your computer data on a secondary hard disk including the photos.

We are presenting you a detailed comparison of three professional photo repair software that will bring out the best features that can recover photos that belong to various formats and become corrupt due to numerous reasons.

Picture Doctor

A strong repair software with the simplest user interface to repair corrupted JPEG files.

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Stellar Repair for Photo

Specialized recovery software to repair photos as well as RAW files from various camera brands.

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Kernel Photo Repair

Best repair software for the professionals to recover their photos from any kind of problem.

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Common features
Repairs corrupt JPEG (EXIF, JFIF) and PSD (Adobe Photoshop 3, 4, 5, CS) files. Repairs photos from JPG, JPEG, TIFF, HEIC, DNG, ARW, MRW, NRW, PEF, RW2, SRF, etc. Supports various image formats - PNG, JPG, GIF, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIFF, PCX, MPG, MPEG, etc.
Repairs multiple photos at the same time. Select multiple photos for quick recovery simultaneously. Repair unlimited photos with different formats in a single attempt.
Shows a preview of each photo after recovery. Allows the user to have a preview of photos. Generates a clear preview of each photo.
The free demo version creates a black rectangle in the center of the image. The free trial version shows only a preview of the photo without an option to save it. The demo version shows a preview on a low-resolution form with a thumbnail only.
Runs in Windows OS only. Runs on both Windows and iOS platforms. Runs on Windows Operating System only.
Key features
Saves the repaired images in BMP format only. Repairs photos taken from several smartphones. Select photos from folders with a simple drag and drop process.
The simplest algorithm runs the repair software faster. Repairs photos taken from various DSLR cameras. Accesses photos from external media and memory sticks.
Selects the entire folder for recovery. Accesses photos directly from a USB drive, flash drive, external hard drive, etc. Repair images in their original format, size, and quality.
Creates photos with their original dimensions. Extracts thumbnails for the severely corrupt images that are beyond repair. Saves photos in a user-defined folder.
Shows the details about bad sectors where photos are saved. Saves photos at the user-defined location. Asks for a reference photo for severely corrupt photos.
Repairs Adobe Photoshop images especially. There is an advanced repair method for highly corrupted JPEG/JPG files. Provides the link to access the repaired photos at its location.
Repairs photos in several batches. Recovers RAW photos were taken from professional cameras. Repairs large-sized photos easily.
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  1. Very well-written and informative blog on photo repair software. The blog has also given users advice on how to keep their photos from becoming corrupted. All three suggested tools are excellent and well explained for selecting the user based on their needs. I used the Kernel Photo Repair Tool to repair my corrupted photographs. Using this tool, I was able to repair my corrupt photos. Thank you to the author for sharing this informative blog.

  2. One day I found that my photos has been damage, and I was so frustrated and annoyed, then I used this Photo Repair Software that mentioned above, which were extremely beneficial for me. The steps provides in this Software are easy to understand, and easily repair all type of corrupted photos/images without show any problem. I’am thankful to author for sharing this blog

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