3 Different Methods to Repair Corrupt GoPro Video Files

The blog is on the corrupt or broken GoPro MP4 video files. GoPro is a professional and versatile camera, but various shortcomings can cause corruption in video files. Therefore, stay connected with the blog for the absolute and reliable methods to repair corrupt GoPro MP4 video files.

GoPro Inc. is an American company founded by Nick Woodman in 2002. It is a well-known and established company for manufacturing action cameras, video editing software, etc. GoPro camera is widely used for video shooting, as it records the videos with 4K quality and offers to shoot the slow-mo videos. Besides, there are certain situations when recorded GoPro videos become corrupt. Do not worry! Just continue reading this post to know the effective and reliable methods to repair corrupt GoPro MP4 video files.

Why do GoPro MP4 Videos get Corrupted?

Corruption in recorded or shooted videos is more common than we consider. In the below section, we have discussed a few reasons for corrupt or damaged GoPro MP4 videos. The reasons might vary for each user.

  • Sometimes, an improper stopping of videos after recording can corrupt MP4 videos.
  • Unexpected breakdown while transferring MP4 videos.
  • When using the low-quality memory card to record and save the video files.
  • Storing or saving GoPro videos to the infected spyware PC or Mac can be a reason for the corrupt GoPro videos.
  • Overheating or other glitches in GoPro cameras can damage the recorded or shooted video files.

These are a few common reasons for corrupt GoPro MP4 video files. When a user faces corruption in video files, it can ruin your perfect moment that was recorded & saved in the videos.

User Query: As I am a photographer and working with the versatile GoPro cameras. While shooting the video, my camera suddenly went off, and all my recorded videos became corrupted. Please help! How to repair damaged GoPro MP4 video files? Your help will be highly appreciated!

How to Repair Corrupt GoPro MP4 Video Files?

Follow the complete write-up to know three different solutions to repair broken or damaged GoPro MP4 videos. Two of them are manual or hand-operated methods, and one is an automated utility to repair corrupt videos of GoPro cameras.

  1. Fix Corrupted Videos of GoPro Using the VLC Player
  2. Repair Corrupt Videos Using SOS Function of GoPro Camera
  3. Repair Corrupt GoPro Videos by Third-Party Utility
1st Method: Fix Corrupted Videos of GoPro Using the VLC Player

VLC Player is an open-source & independent platform to open the video files. Nevertheless, it is also used to repair corrupt MP4 video files by converting them into other formats. Here are the steps to successfully accomplish this task.

  • Open or Launch VLC Media Player.
  • After opening the VLC Media Player, click on the Media option from the menu and select Convert/Save.
    Click on the Media option from the menu
  • You will find a wizard. Click on the Add button from the displayed wizard.
    Click on the Add button from the displayed wizard
  • Now, add your corrupt MP4 video and tap the Convert/Save option.
  • After that, click the dropdown of the profile and choose another format to save the video.
  • At last, select the destination path to save the output video file.
  • Finally, click the start button to start the process.

The corrupt GoPro MP4 video file can be fixed or repaired by converting the video into other formats. However, do not repair or overcome the corruption in the video with the above steps, then switch to the other method.

2nd Method: Repair Corrupt Video Using In-Built SOS Function

One can fix the corrupt or broken MP4 video files using the in-built SOS function of the GoPro camera. Below are the steps to repair the corrupted videos via the SOS function.

  • First of all, move the corrupted videos to any SD card.
  • Now, insert the SD Card containing the corrupted video into the GoPro camera.
  • After that, turn your camera ON.
  • Here, the GoPro camera will start scanning the inserted SD card.
  • When the scanning process gets completed, you will find an SOS signal on the GoPro LCD or screen.
  • When found the SOS signal on the LCD or screen, press any of the buttons from the GoPro camera to start the repairing process.
  • At last, you will find the red light of the GoPro camera will start blinking. (Means repairing the corrupt video) After the complete repairing process, the camera will turn to its normal state.

The above SOS function is used when you have your GoPro camera. What if you do not have a GoPro camera? In such a case, we suggest using the best and most reliable Video Repair Tool to repair corrupt GoPro video files.

3rd Method: Third-Party Video Repair Tool to Fix Corrupt GoPro MP4 Video Files

Due to the unavailability of a GoPro camera, or multiple corrupt GoPro MP4 videos, users need a professional and versatile Video Repair tool. Therefore, Video Repair tool will be a core asset for repairing single or multiple corrupt GoPro videos. It is developed securely to maintain the security parameter and has various striking features that help users fix broken GoPro video files.

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Bottom Line

The GoPro camera is developed with multiple features and is used by many professionals. It enables users to shoot high-resolution videos, pictures, etc. Moreover, corruption in GoPro videos is more common than we think and can lose your memorable recorded moments. Therefore, we have listed three different methods to repair corrupt GoPro MP4 video files. For a safe and complete recovery, we suggest users for some third-party best video repair tools.

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