Fix Outlook error "xxxx.pst file cannot be accessed – 0x80040116"?

Outlook is the most widely used email client since it offers various features in an extremely simple user interface. However, there are instances of problems occurring while you work on Outlook. One such problem faced by users is when they are restricted from accessing a particular file with an error message "xxxx.pst file cannot be accessed – 0x80040116". There could be any reason for this type of error message as may be the index of the PST file is damaged or you have recently moved your outlook PST file from one location to any other.

When you try to repair this file with Inbox Repair Tool, the problem still remains unresolved as the tool after performing the operation reports no error was found in the file. To resolve this issue here two methods are stated which could be used.

Use PST2GB truncation tool

One of the methods which could help in resolving the error is by using Microsoft’s 2 GB truncation tool. Follow these particular steps one by one:

  1. First of all repair the corrupted file with pst2gb.exe tool.
  2. After repairing, save the newly created PST file with other name.
  3. Run oversized PST Recovery tool.
  4. Now open the Inbox Repair Tool and search for the file which you have created with 2 GB truncation tool.
  5. Run this tool and when the process gets completed, click 'OK' and restart your computer.

Set a new profile for Outlook

Another method to resolve this issue is to create a new Outlook account with another profile. Steps for this are given as:

  • At first determine the location of the PST file which is causing error. For this open the ‘Control Panel’.
  • Click on the ‘Mail’ button. A new Mail setup dialog box will appear from where click on ‘Show Profiles’ button.
  • Go to the ‘Properties’ option of a particular profile. Under it click on the ‘Data Files’ option.
  • Here PST file will be listed which may be creating problem. Now create a new Outlook profile.
  • Go to the ‘Email’ option of Account Setting window. Click on ‘New’ button.
  • Choose the type of the Email account and proceed further.
  • A dialog box will appear which will ask for various details. Furnish all the details which will create a new account.
  • Now for this newly created Outlook profile, create a new PST file.
  • For this go to the ‘Account Settings’ and click on ‘Email’ tab and choose the Outlook profile.
  • Click on the ‘Change Folder’ option which is available at the left bottom screen.
  • A new box will appear from where you can select the ‘New Folder’ or ‘New Outlook Data File’ if you are using multiple PST files or single PST file respectively.

Although these methods proves beneficial in handling this error, but at times nothing works properly so it is recommended to use a professional third party tool which diagnose the problem and rectify it properly. The tool developed with advanced algorithm repairs all kinds of corrupted or damaged PST files and produces magnificent results.

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