Best MBOX to PST Converter for Windows/Mac in 2023

MBOX file format is not associated with a single email client but several email clients save their mailboxes in such file format with different folder hierarchies. Each message is stored separately and the next message is appended to the older ones. Some of the prominent email clients that create an MBOX file are Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, Netscape, SeaMonkey, etc.

When we compare all these email clients with MS Outlook, then you can easily find out that Outlook leaves all such email applications with many miles. It supports more email servers like Exchange Server, Office 365, IMAP, SMTP, POP, etc., and provides other features like address book, calendar, to-do tasks, etc.

Cons of MBOX files

MBOX files are meant for similar mailbox services to different email applications, but they have some substantial drawbacks too. Some of them are the following –

Non-encryption – As MBOX saves emails in a simple text file, there is no scope for encrypting such files. Its structure can be changed with the least attempts.

Less character messaging holding – MBOX has a 7-bit ASCII text, so it saves only 128 characters in the file. Its message-holding capability is pretty low.

Does not work on Microsoft – MBOX files do not work on Microsoft applications. As Microsoft has better features and properties to manage emails, users want to convert their MBOX files to PST.

The following tabular information will provide you with a point wise comparison between three professional best MBOX to PST converter software. You can check which tools fulfill your email requirements and you can choose anyone based on their benefits. Each best software provides the same MBOX to PST conversion benefits with different user interfaces and saving options.

Kernel MBOX to PST Converter

A best noteworthy converter software that converts MBOX files from the maximum number of email clients.

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Stellar Converter for MBOX

A direct to use best OST to PST converter software that exports MBOX data contents to PST and several other file formats.

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SysTools NSF Converter

Best MBOX to PST converter tool with the simplest user interface. It converts multiple MBOX files in four simple steps only.

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Common features
Effectively selects MBOX files from more than 20 email clients and converts them into PST, MSG, EML, and other files. Supports almost 19 MBOX-based email clients and converts them to PST and other files. Converts MBOX, MBX, and MBS files from different email clients while auto-detecting the location of data files.
Migrates MBOX to Office 365, Gmail,, and other email platforms. Exports directly to Office 365 and Outlook profile accounts. Converts MBOX to PST, MSG, PDF, EML, HTML, and NSF files.
Provides a preview of MBOX items before the conversion. Shows preview of all mailbox items of MBOX files at once. Shows preview in 8 different modes for MBOX data.
Converts MBOX to PST without requiring any Outlook app. Does not require Outlook for creating the PST file. Creates PST files from MBOX files without having an Outlook application.
Provides filter options to export selective data only. Applies filters on MBOX data based on the mailbox properties. Uses a filter-based approach before each conversion.
The free trial version saves 25 items per folder. The trial version of the software converts MBOX files and shows a preview of emails. A free version converts 50 emails per MBOX file to PST.
Key features
Converts MBOX files into PST other others files – EML, MSG, PDF, TXT, RTF, HTML, MHTML, and DBX. Searches for MBOX files from its location even when users do not know it using the Find File feature. Performs a complete lossless conversion from MBOX to PST from any email client.
Migrated directly to Office 365 while maintaining the metadata. Migrates MBOX files to Office 365 in the simplest methods and steps. Supports conversion for a corrupt MBOX file also.
Converts multiple MBOX files simultaneously. The Apply Filter feature applies several filters based on mailbox properties. Converts MBOX to other formats like MSG, EML, HTML, and RTF.
Saves data into email servers – Exchange Server, GroupWise, and Domino. Migrates data into either a new PST file or an existing one. Applies flexibility to either create a separate PST file for MBOX or create a single PST file for the entire MBOX.
Moves mailboxes to online email accounts – Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud, Supports several output formats like RTF, PDF, and HTML. Supports a maximum number of email clients that create MBOX files.
Uses available filters based on email properties like to, from, subject, date, and attachments. Shows preview mode in a tree structure saving all the folders of the mailbox correctly. Saves snapshots of scanned MBOX files to use in the future also.
Splits large-sized MBOX files into smaller PST files. Saves new PST files in a user-defined folder location. Converts only the selected MBOX folders after applying the filters.
A special feature to migrate Google Takeout data that is saved in MBOX files to PST. Shows a report of each completed task. Attaches the new PST files to an existing Outlook account quickly.
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  1. The blog provided three best professional MBOX to PST conversion software. Here, I used the Stellar converter for MBOX which provides me MBOX to PST conversion benefits with different user interface and saving options. Thanks for sharing good information.

  2. I used above the software for MBOX to PST conversion and I am impressed with their performance. The tool has various features like- compatibility, accuracy, efficiency, error free result generation, etc. I introduce this software to many of my colleagues and then now they are regularly using it for best conversion result. Thanks to the writer for sharing these useful tools.

  3. To save time and efforts I used above mentioned Systool MBOX to PST converter tool. It’s really helpful for me in the conversion of MBOX files into Outlook PST. The tool has the ability to shift files without missing single information. Thanks to the blog writer for informing about these tools.

  4. My search for best MBOX to PST converter tool ended with Kernel MBOX to PST converter tool. It always helps me to convert selected MBOX files to PST format. The automatic converter gives error free result in few seconds. Thanks for sharing above blog.

  5. I am using MBOX to PST converter tool for conversion of large MBOX files to PST format. It gives me perfect error free result. Thanks for sharing.

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