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Simple Steps to Import Eudora Mail to Mozilla Thunderbird

Eudora and Thunderbird are both exceptional email clients and both have quite a few features and functions to help the users. The Thunderbird email client is relatively new as compared to Eudora that has been one of the most preferred for windows OS users. On the other hand, Eudora can be worked on both Windows and Mac OS. Since both the applications are popular among the users, this article will give a clear picture of why there is a need of importing Eudora files to Thunderbird.

Causes for importing Eudora Mail to Thunderbird

Since both the platforms are such huge success and popular among the users there are not many technical causes that differ between the two. So here are some common causes that may be responsible for the user to switch to Thunderbird.

  • Thunderbird is relatively new so it has a few extra features than Eudora.
  • Thunderbird is user-friendly, open-source, and free to use which attracts a lot of users. It supports a lot of add-ins as well.
  • One of the most common reasons for the users to import the Eudora mails to Thunderbird is when they are switching between companies and need to start on Thunderbird.

How to import Eudora Mail to Thunderbird?

The Eudora mail uses MBX format to save files and it is important to know the location of the MBX files to make it a smooth transfer. Generally, due to upgradation, many people use Windows 8 or 10, and for both versions of this operating system, the common file location is mentioned below.


In case you are not able to navigate the location you can go to Tools > Account Settings > Message Storage Section in the Eudora application to find the source database file.

Steps to import Eudora mail to Thunderbird:

  1. Open the Thunderbird application on your system and in the right-most corner of the screen you will find the Menu button. Click on the Menu button.
  2. Click on Add-ons.
    Click on Add-ons
  3. Search for the Import/Export add-on in the Add-ons Manager. The Import/Export add-on is very important to import Eudora mails to Thunderbird. Then select Import/Export Tools NG and click Add to Thunderbird.
    Select ImportExport Tools NG and click Add to Thunderbird
  4. There will be a pop-up message to add the Import/Export Tools NG to the Thunderbird. To add click on Add button and to save the changes re-start the application.
    Save the changes re-start the application
  5. Now go to the Thunderbird mailbox window where you will find the Local Folders hierarchy, click on it. Then select Import/Export Tools NG > Import MBX file.
    Select ImportExport Tools NG
  6. In the window open, check the Import directly one or more MBOX files before clicking OK.
    Check the Import directly one or more MBOX files
  7. In the window click on Browse and navigate to the Eudora source database file to select them to proceed ahead and click on Open.
    Navigate to the Eudora source database file
  8. Now after completing the process you can check the content of the imported file on the Thunderbird mailbox window.
    Check the content of the imported file on the Thunderbird mailbox window

Eudora and Thunderbird are two popular email clients. Eudora is relatively older than Thunderbird and with additional features for the users, it attracts more users as well. To import the Eudora mail files to Thunderbird the above manual solution is safe. If the solution doesn’t work the user will have to go for third-party applications which might not be free.

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