Best 3 PDF Repair Tool in 2023 to Repair Corrupt PDF File Free

PDF is the dominant file format that has occupied a greater space in document-sharing activities of a business. It can be accessed on any PDF viewer software and is platform-independent. So, a user can open PDF documents on Windows, macOS, Linux, and other smartphone devices. Adobe developed the format in 1992 to preserve the document layout in each software, device, or platform. Since 2008, PDF is an open-source document format meaning that any user can create a PDF, share it and develop it for commercial usage.

PDF removes the obstacle of changing the structure or layout after opening a document on a different computer. For example, if you have created MS Office word or PowerPoint presentations on a computer and try to open them on a different computer after transferring them, then the layout of the document will change as per the new computer’s settings. In PDF, all the images, graphics, and text arrangements will be protected due to their rigidity.

Possible conditions for corruption in a PDF file

We use PDF files regularly in our day-to-day lives both personally and professionally. There can be different situations in which a file can corrupt during downloading, uploading, transferring, sharing, usage, etc.

  • Bad data upload or download When the internet is unstable or low during the upload or download of a PDF file, then it will result in an incomplete file with a damaged structure. The Adobe Reader will not open such a file and show the following error.
    Adobe Reader will not open
  • Fault in storage device or media If the hard drive, USB drive, Pen drive, or another storage device where you have saved the PDF file is corrupt, then the file is bound to become corrupt quickly.
  • Sudden application crash Apart from Adobe Reader, several PDF reader applications open a PDF file. If an application crashes while accessing the file, then there are greater chances that the file will be affected.
  • Virus attack There are several types of malicious malware, spyware, ransomware, and phishing attacks that can tarnish the integrity of any file and a PDF file is an easy target for such attacks.

There can be multiple causes for corruption in a PDF file and if you are facing such a situation, then you should know that there is no manual method to repair them. Only a professional PDF repair software can retrieve data from corrupt PDFs and we are going to create a list of the three best PDF repair software.

SysTools PDF Recovery

A smart solution to repair corrupt PDF files and create a new portable document consisting of original data.

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Stellar Repair for PDF

A productive repair software for deeply damaged PDF files that extracts all kinds of data.

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Kernel for PDF Repair

A worthwhile candidate to repair unlimited PDF files at once while retaining the correct formatting.

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Common features
Advanced scan to repair corrupt PDF files. Scans multiple PDF files simultaneously for deep repair. Supports unlimited recovery of PDF files with an advanced algorithm.
Recovers original data without any change in formatting. Extracts all PDF file components in their correct order and structure. Maintains the page layout, header, footer, font size, and other components.
Saves recovered PDF files in a user-defined folder. Saves new PDF files in the user-defined folder. Saves new PDF files consisting of original file data in a new location.
Recovers images, tables, hyperlinks, etc. in the PDF file. Recovers page layout, tables, images, clip art, shapes, etc. in the PDF file. Repairs all interactive objects like hyperlinks, notes, comments, bookmarks, etc.
Recovers metadata of PDF file. Recover additional features of PDF files. Repairs data as well as the metadata properties of the file.
Supports all versions of Adobe Acrobat. Repairs PDF files from all versions of Adobe Acrobat. Repairs PDF files created from each version of Adobe Acrobat.
Shows a preview of the repaired PDF file. Shows a clean preview of the PDF after completing the scan. Allows showing a preview of the selected PDF file after a full scan.
Runs on all versions of Windows and macOS. Runs on all Windows and macOS operating systems. Runs on each version of the Windows operating system.
24*7 technical support 24*7 technical support 24*7 technical support
Key features
Repairs PDF files from all kinds of errors and corruptions. Fights deep corruption for each kind of PDF file. Repairs large-sized PDF files in the minimum time.
Repairs PDF files creates from MS Word and Printer Saved files. Recovers complete data present in each PDF file. Recovers PDF files from different kinds of errors.
Conducts a lossless recovery. Recovers graphs, bookmarks, watermarks, and digital signatures easily. Accesses PDF files from its saving location.
Does not require Adobe Acrobat to access the PDF data. Accesses PDF files present on all kinds of media devices. Accesses PDF files from CDROMs, ZIP disks, floppy drives, etc.
Accesses PDF file from its saving location. Batch conversion repairs multiple PDF files at the same time. Shows the Progress Indicator while repairing the PDF file.
Saves Export report in CSV file format. (for macOS only) Live Update Wizard updates the software to its latest format. Different setting options to change the interface of the application.
Saves the PDF file with its original name. Multiple DPI support to scale the software for easier viewing. Creates the repaired PST file with the same name as the source file.
The free trial version only shows the preview of recovered data. The demo version of the software provides a preview of the first 3 pages only. The demo version only allows showing the preview of the file.
Personal License starts from $29Buy Now License starts from $29Buy Now License starts from $49Buy Now

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