Can’t Play: 0xc1010103 Error In Windows Media Player – What to Do

0xc1010103 Error is a common glitch that is mostly faced while playing a video on Windows Media Player. This Error mostly depicts the software application’s inability

to support the video format. It is an annoying technical glitch that disrupts the visual experience of the users. However, if you face the same issue, there is nothing to worry about. This article will help you with the solution that will fix this issue.

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Reasons for 0xc1010103 Error

There are several reasons for the 0xc1010103 Error to occur. The same has been given as follows:

  • Outdated Graphic Drivers
  • Playback issues with the video
  • Corrupted or damaged file
  • Virus or Malware attack

Ways to fix 0xc1010103 Error

There are different ways with the help which you can fix the 0xc1010103 Error. These suggestions are easy to incorporate and do not require expert assistance.

Change the media player.

The most important cause of this type of Error is the incompatibility between the video format and the media player. Many times, Windows Media Player might not support a given format, and this 0xc1010103 Error might be prompted on the screen. It is advisable to confirm the format of the video and select the media player that supports the given format.

Fix the Error with the video playback troubleshooter.

Video Playback issues are also a reason for the occurrence of this Error. Windows have an inbuilt video playback troubleshooter that can help fix this issue. The steps for troubleshooting the videos have been given in the following way.

  • Click on the Windows icon on the desktop’s taskbar and go to the settings.
  • On the side pane, select the Troubleshooting option.
  • Select the Video Playback option and Click on ‘Run the troubleshooter’ as an option.
  • A default window will appear, and the wizard will be activated to run the troubleshooting. You can select the specific problems you face, and the wizard will fix that.
  • The wizard will end once the Error has been removed.

Update GPU drivers

Outdated Drivers are one common reason which the videos do not work. It is important to update and install the latest version of the drivers so that this Error is fixed. Let us explore the steps to correct the drivers.

  • Open the run window and type ms-settings: recovery and click Enter.
  • A recovery tab will open. Go to Update and Security settings and select Advanced Setup. Click on Restart now.
  • The device will restart in safe mode automatically. Open the run menu again and go to the device manager.
  • It will display the installed adapters and drivers. Select the graphic driver and right-click on the same. A pop-up menu appears, and there, select the uninstall option. The drivers would be uninstalled.
  • Restart the computer once again.
  • Once the functioning is restored to being normal, go to the website of the driver’s manufacturer and download the latest version of the drivers.

Clear the junk files.

The hidden and discreet junk files usually pile up, and often disrupt the functioning of the media player. They burden the software unnecessarily and prevent the software from running the videos. Therefore, in such a situation, all the junk and cache in the media player must be cleared regularly.

Repair the corrupt file.

If there is an issue with the file, it is advisable to repair them. You can use any third-party software Video Repair tool to repair corrupt files. All you need to do is to upload the video, and once the video has been uploaded, you can run a quick scan to identify and fix the errors.

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With the help of these easy and go-to methods, it becomes feasible to fix this type of Error. Such errors must be corrected in the beginning itself so that the experience of the users while playing the videos is not hampered at any cost.These are the effective ways to handle this issue.

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