Free Method to Import Entourage to Apple Mail

Entourage is an old and outdated email client for mac since it doesn’t have technical support or updates related to security anymore. Many people with time have moved on to the latest technology but due to some reasons a few users still operate the Entourage email client facility. The users believe that their only chance to save their files and data is to import all important data to Apple Mail. A lot of people may argue that there may be other options other than Apple mail which there is but Apple Mail is considered to be the most preferred choice.

Why Users Need to Import Entourage to Apple Mail

  • Other than Apple mail Microsoft is a trusted brand that most users follow but since it has discontinued Entourage Apple Mail is the remaining safe option left by the users.
  • Easy navigation through the emails is possible in Apple Mail.
  • iCal and Address Book features of Apple Mail are one of the smoothest.
  • This application is easy to set up and other accounts can be easily added.

How to import Entourage to Apple Mail?

There are not many options of transferring Entourage to Apple Mail so it will be easy for the users to follow. But the process requires some technical knowledge as a prerequisite to perform. Hence our suggestion is to understand the steps and have a thorough research about any doubt you are having before going ahead with the act. Since Entourage used a different file format it will need to be converted to a supported format first. The Entourage mailbox data uses MBOX format to save the data of the mails. To get the MBOX file of the Entourage mail you need to visit the below-mentioned location on your system.

C:/Users/username/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2008 Identities/ Main Identity

In case the MBOX file is not found on this location you will have to extract the file from the Entourage mailbox manually. To extract the MBOX file please follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Entourage application, go to the File tab and click on Export from it.
  2. From the export section select Items to an Entourage Archive radio button and check the boxes against the types of items you need. Then click Next to continue.
  3. Select Yes, Delete Items from Entourage after they are Archived, and then click Next.
  4. Click Save to save the MBOX file to your system.

Now that you have saved the MBOX file on your system you can import Entourage to Apple Mail. Use the steps mentioned below to complete the process.

  1. Open Apple Mail; go to File to select Import Mailboxes.
  2. Select File in MBOX format option before clicking Continue.
  3. Select the Entourage archived file that you recently saved on your system and click Continue to proceed ahead.
  4. Let the process take its time. After the process is completed you will be able to see the Entourage emails in Apple Mail.

Entourage is an outdated email client that does not have any facility for its users and no security for the data as well. It is beneficial to shift all the data from Entourage to Apple Mail since it will support all the latest technology and features and also safely import Entourage files without having any errors. The above-mentioned method to import Entourage to Apple Mail is the only manual method available.

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