How to Convert SeaMonkey MBOX File to Outlook?

SeaMonkey is a powerful email client developed on Thunderbird’s source code and is available for Mac, Windows and Linux based operating system users. It is developed by Mozilla and is governed by SeaMonkey Council. The email client provides email manager along with internet browsing, chatting, HTML editing and feed reader. SeaMonkey allows you to manage multiple accounts and offers features like message filters, junk mail detection, etc.

As all Mozilla based email clients, it also supports MBOX format to save the files. If you are Windows user then the default location for profile folder which contains the user data is:

“C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Mozilla\SeaMonkey\Profiles\xxxx.default\Mail”

Users can also get the default location of the SeaMonkey database file through the email client interface by navigating to Accounts section for the added account>selecting View settings for this account option>clicking on Server Settings>moving to the Local directory section and copying the path location of the data file and pasting it to the file explorer to directly reach the data file.

In case you are looking for methods through which you will be able to access your SeaMonkey mails through Outlook account or switching to the Outlook account owing to its more flexible and secure features along with better account management, then it is recommended to opt for a professional third-party tool since conversion of files needs to be carried out first in order to settle down the difference in the file format supported by both the email clients as Microsoft Outlook supports PST file format and SeaMonkey supports MBOX file format only.

The tool will help you out in performing the MBOX conversion of various files in minimum number of clicks. Apart from MBOX to PST conversion, tool also allows you to save your converted file into other files formats like RTF, PDF or HTML, etc.

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Automated Conversion of SeaMonkey MBOX file to Outlook PST

Take a look on the steps involved in the conversion of files:

  1. Download MBOX converter tool and run it. A list of supported email clients will appear. Click on SeaMonkey.
  2. Give the location of the MBOX file and in case you do not remember, click on ‘Find File’ option to search for it in your system drive.
  3. Preview of selected files will appear and if you want to save the files, click on ‘Save’ option.
  4. Two choices will appear either for creating a new PST file or adding it to already existing PST file.04-05
  5. In order to add the data to already existing PST file, you need to select the existing Outlook profile or PST file.
  6. Finish the process by clicking on ‘OK’ when MBOX file conversion is performed successfully.

Hence, you have just seen the whole MBOX file to PST conversion is completed within very few steps and now SeaMonkey email client data can be easily accessed in the Microsoft Outlook account. Get your software quickly from the MBOX Conversion tool official website.


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