Issue Fixed: MP4 File has No Sound

We always need a file format to play a video. Although we have many file formats like AVI, MOV, MKV and FLV to play videos but MP4 is the most commonly used file format. MP4 or MPEG-4 Part14 is a digital multimedia container file format to store video, audio and subtitles and still images. It also allows streaming over the internet to in all qualities like 4K video, HD video, Blu-Ray video etc.

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Whenever any user plays an MP4 video and for some reason there is no sound in the video, then the user gets annoyed. Especially when we play MP4 video in the Windows Media Player and the user does not get sound in it. In this article, we will be having a discussion over how to fix this problem.

What is the “MP4 file has no sound” issue?

MP4 file has no sound means that when the user plays the video and the user only sees the video and does not hear any audio. MP4 contain various audio and video codecs, if MP4 file is not encoded with audio codec which is supported by video player, and then MP4 file may not produce any sound.

Reasons behind “MP4 file has no sound”

The major causes of MP4 file has no sound it is due to software issues. However, there can be additional causes for this video error. Let us discuss them all.

  • Faulty or missing audio codec: If MP4 media file does not have audio codecs then it would not function correctly. Every user is not aware about audio codec they don’t even know what codecs needed to be use for the specific media file. You can try to download the needed codecs like LPCM, WMA, MP3, AAC, AC-3, DTS-HD etc. for the media files from suitable codec package available online to resolve the issue.
  • Corrupted MP4 video file: It can be a reason that corruption in MP4 file causes the MP4 file has no sound issue. Corruption could be happened due to malware attack, improper shutdown of media application, corruption in hard drive where file is stored, wrong video conversion, wrong compression of media file and wrong recovery.
  • Corrupted media player: At the time of media player installation, improper installation or faulty installation can cause corruption in media player. Sometimes irrelevant updates to the operating system may also cause corruption and affect the working of media players. Corruption in media player can cause no sound in media player.
  • Some media players not support MP4 video files. So it is recommended that to play MP4 file in standard players like Window Media Player or VLC media player.
  • If the user has muted sound of media player or system mistakenly. Check it and turn on sound at the time of playing videos.
  • If system has an outdated or wrong audio driver as it can also be the cause for ‘no sound’ in MP4 file.

How to fix MP4 file has no sound issue?

There are some methods you can try to resolve the issue. Each method works to resolve a particular cause of the error in MP4 video file.

Note: Make sure before applying the above solutions you always have an extra copy of MP4 file so if your file gets damaged or corrupted you can access the video from the destination where you already make a copy of MP4 file.

Method 1: Play the MP4 file with VLC media player

If you have minor issue in the system default media player then you should try VLC media player to resolve “MP4 file has no sound” issue. VLC media player supports MP4 file format as well as other common media files. To open your MP4 file with VLC media player these are the steps:

  1. Select the MP4 media file.
  2. Right click on MP4 media file and select open with then select VLC media player.

If the MP4 media file plays properly with audio, it means the system default media player did not support MP4 media file. You can also try other media players like Quicktime, KM player, 5K player, Real player etc.

Method 2: Convert MP4 file into another video format

If MP4 file is still playing with no sound then you can try to convert the MP4 file into any other video formats. There are two methods for converting MP4 media file into another media file that is online and offline. Online converters can convert MP4 file into another file format like AVI, WMV, MPEG formats. VLC media player can also be used to convert the MP4 file to another media file converter tool by using following steps:

  1. Open the VLC media player.
  2. Then click on the Media, the select Convert/Save.
  3. Then select add the media file what you required to convert.
  4. Now select output format like Avi. WMV etc.
  5. After that, select the destination file and provide the file name to save the file.
  6. Finally, click on Convert.
  7. The file will start converting and saved at the specified destination folder.
  8. Now open the converted file.
Method 3: Repair corrupted MP4 file

If the above two methods fail to fix the issue, then corruption of MP4 file could be the issue. Try to repair corrupt MP4 file before playing it. There are many tools available online to repair video files. The media file can be corrupted due to changed in video format, virus attacks, improper download, memory card error, corrupted recovered videos and damaged MP4 files.

Users can try the advanced professional Video Repair tool to fix all sorts of corruption in the MP4 video file format or any other file format swiftly and efficiently without modifying the actual properties of the video.

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Method 4: Check system volume settings

Is there is a problem in system setting or volume setting then it can also cause the “video file has no sound” issue. Some settings you should check as follows:

  1. Check volume setting, and turn up the volume if there is sound off.
  2. Check that if you have muted sound. Unmute the sound on the taskbar before playing the media file.
  3. If there is an outdated audio driver in device manager then you should update audio driver before playing the media file.
  4. Ensure that the sound equalizer is balanced.
  5. Reinstall the Windows Media Player or system default media player.
Method 5: Install needed audio codecs

Identify the need audio codecs and install it on your system. For example – Microsoft MP4 codec is used for Windows Media Player. To identify codec information for Windows Media Player, use the following given steps:

  1. Open the Windows Media Player (WMP)
  2. Go to Help and then About Windows Media Player.
  3. Tap on Technical Support Information in new window.
  4. Select your web browser to open audio and video codecs.

Now you have information about audio codec of window media player. You can download it online if needed.


A video is useless without any sound. In this article, we have discussed various effective methods fix the “MP4 file has no sound” issue. As one of the causes behind the issue is corrupted video file, a reliable and secured professional best video repair tool is also recommended for users.

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  1. I often faced this error not for only MP4 video file but others also. So I read the complete topic properly and resolved this video file no sound issue from my recently download MP4 file. You guys are doing an excellent job in this field.

  2. I ran into the issue that there’s no sound when playing an MP4 video file. I read the blog and applied the mentioned method step by step, which helped me fix my issue. Now my MP4 video files have no sound issue. Thanks a lot for sharing this information.

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