Free Methods to Convert EML to PST File Format

Conversion from one email format to another is required whenever the user wants to move on from one application. This article will show you the free method to convert an EML file to an Outlook PST file.

An EML file is an individual email message only. It saves the email text, sender detail, recipient detail, and the date of the message. The size of an EML file is relatively smaller as it saves the data for a single email message only. Outlook Express and Windows Mail (earlier known as Windows Live Mail) use EML format for their emails.

And PST file belongs to the Microsoft Outlook and stores the entire mailbox related to a user account. It is completely different from the EML file because it is a large container to save different mailbox folders in a structured format. Its size can be in multiple GBs and there are several email servers like Exchange, Office 365, IMAP, POP, etc. that create PST files for their Outlook account.

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How to convert EML file to PST format

  • Drag-&-Drop method – If you have a small number of EML files, then you can simply drag-&-drop files to an Outlook folder. Microsoft Outlook should be installed in your system for this method-
    1. Open MS Outlook from the application menu.
    2. Go to the folder where you have saved EML files.
    3. Select either a single or multiple EML files.
    4. Use the mouse pointer to drag these files and place them in an Outlook folder by dropping the mouse hold.
    5. The files are moved.
  • Using Windows Live Mail – If you are still using the older version of Windows Live Mail, then you can easily export the EML file to Exchange supported PST format. Follow the below procedure-
    1. Click File in the toolbar and click Export Email. Then choose Email Messages.
      Click File in the toolbar and click Export Email
    2. Select Microsoft Exchange as the Program where you want to export your emails. Click Next.
      Select Microsoft Exchange as the Program
    3. A message appears and says ‘This will export messages from Windows Live Mail to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange.’ Click OK.
      This will export messages from Windows Live Mail to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange
    4. Select the folder that you want to migrate to Outlook. You can apply using a different option to select individual folders. Click OK.
      Apply using a different option to select individual folders
    5. The messages have started to export. You can click the Cancel option to stop the process.
      The messages have started to export
    6. The Export process is complete. The successful message says that your messages were successfully exported using the Microsoft Exchange format. Click Finish.
      Your messages were successfully exported using the Microsoft Exchange format

The necessity to convert EML files to PST format

We showed you the simple free method to export EML files from Windows Live Mail to PST format. But, the question arises that why a user needs to convert EML files to PST format. There are some basic reasons mentioned below-

  1. EML files are single email files that can get affected easily by malware or other virus attacks. Exporting them into PST files can benefit you in keeping valuable emails protected from such corruption.
  2. The EML file is accessible in an email client only that supports such a format. On the contrary, the PST file will open in any version of MS Outlook.
  3. The EML saves only a single email file. It is pretty hard to maintain multiple EML files individually. If you convert them into PST, then it becomes a single file and easily manageable at Outlook.
  4. If you want to adopt MS Outlook as your default email manager, then you will need to move all existing emails here.

These are some prominent reasons that attract users in converting their EML files to useful PST formats.

Software Comparision
Free Solution Software Solution
Windows Live Mail is no longer supported by Microsoft. The software support EML files created from all email clients.
There are no filter options to choose import EML files. The software provides multiple filter options for converting EML files.
There is no different manual method to convert EML files. The software provide suitable environment to convert EML files with better control and features.
Drag-&-drop option is not useful for emails with attachments. The software converts entire email message including the attachments.

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Final Words

The two free methods to convert EML files to PST have limited usefulness. The drag & drop can move only limited files and Microsoft no longer supports Windows Live Mail application.

If you want to get a more secure export process, then you should use a professional EML to PST Converter software that can export an unlimited number of EML files. The software will show the preview of selected EML files and provide suitable filters before moving them. It will convert complete email structure like text, subject, to, from, sender information, recipient information, sent date, etc.

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