Quick Methods to Import Thunderbird to Gmail Account

Mozilla Thunderbird is the email client application from Mozilla and it allows you to create an email account that can handle your mailbox and conduct safe email communication. It creates the mailbox in an MBOX format. The MBOX format is an open-source format that can handle the overall mailbox structure and allow the user to create more folders also. Occasionally, the business may require some emails import Thunderbird to Gmail account.

As Gmail is a web-based email management system, so it provides more benefits than a simple Thunderbird. In the present article, we will show a quick method to import Thunderbird to Gmail safely.

Add Gmail account in Thunderbird

To accept emails from a non-Gmail account to Gmail, you should create a Gmail account in Thunderbird as it will be easier to move emails when two accounts are present in the same application.

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird and go to Tools in the menu bar. There, choose Account Settings.
    Open Mozilla Thunderbird and go to Tools in the menu bar
  2. Under Account Settings, choose ‘Add Mail Account’ among the available options.
    Choose ‘Add Mail Account’ among the available options
  3. Provide account name, Email Address, and Password of account.
    Provide account name, Email Address, and Password of account
  4. Choose the protocols – IMAP and POP3. It will show the Incoming and Outgoing mail servers. Then, click Done.
    Choose the protocols – IMAP and POP3
  5. Thunderbird will check the credentials and add an account in Thunderbird. Now, both accounts will show in the Account Settings.
  6. In the left-hand pane of accounts, you can see both accounts.
  7. Restart the application to settle the accounts. Now, go to the older account and choose the emails that you want to move in the Gmail.
  8. Right-click to the select mails and choose ‘Copy to.’ Then, choose the Gmail account and expand it to select the folder where you must move the emails. You can choose to put emails directly in the Inbox also.
    Choose to put emails directly in the Inbox also
  9. Now, the emails will be present in the Gmail account moved from the Thunderbird.

Limitations of Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla assures that incorporated account in Thunderbird gets the various benefits like accommodation for IMAP, POP, and SMTP accounts. There is easy navigation between search, filter, tags, and other accounts. But, some significant limitations make it smaller than other clients. There are some limitations in the list-

  1. There are no calendar and task lists present in the application. Although, the user can create these calendars manually.
  2. The user interface is limited and the features are outdated in comparison to the other clients or online email services.
  3. Security changes are slower to provide a stable environment.
  4. You cannot drag and drop contents between the folders.
  5. The third-party plug-ins can disappear abruptly.
  6. Temporary files can disappear abruptly.

Advantages of Gmail

Gmail boasts the support of tech giant Google and many advantages can outshine any other email client service-

  1. Gmail shares substantial storage of 15 GB with other applications. But, it can be extended with Google One Subscription.
  2. Gmail is a web-based service, so it is already up to date and new changes are shown without delay.
  3. The storage is cloud-based. So, the account is accessible on any device connected to the Internet.
  4. Google is responsible for the security of Gmail mailboxes.
  5. Gmail is available on my devices like Android, iPhones, tablets, smartwatches, Blackberry, etc.
  6. Gmail follows IMAP protocol to handle email communication and mailboxes.
  7. The user can create folders with their labels.
  8. Suspicious emails are moved to the spam folder automatically.
Limitations of the Manual method

Using the given Import Thunderbird to Gmail manual method in the article, you can only move a limited number of emails to a Gmail account. You will need to select multiple emails at different times to move them to Gmail. There are also some chances that you move the same emails multiple times and create confusion in your Gmail inbox.


Whenever you need to import Thunderbird to Gmail, then you should use a professional MBOX to PST conversion software that supports the platforms and offers useful services like multiple file migration and filters. The software that supports MBOX file format can convert it completely to multiple formats and move them towards Gmail account. The software can move MBOX files from not only Mozilla Thunderbird, but another MBOX supports email clients like Spicebird, IncrediMail, Opera Mail, Entourage, Apple Mail, Eudora, PocoMail, etc.

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