When Outlook Calendar Appointments are Missing, What to Do?

Microsoft Outlook is the favorite application of business organizations due to its simple yet effective features that make the job of managers easier. Apart from email management, Outlook is highly useful for managing appointments in Calendar for various purposes. The user can create an appointment for meetings, interviews, training, etc., and assign resource rooms to them. Then they can invite the team members or colleagues by sending them invitation mail.

Recently many of our clients face a problem that Outlook calendar appointments are missing and it was not present in the archive folder also.

“We had created an appointment for many upcoming meetings for several months and sent emails to all the members. Now, many members have lost their appointments on the calendar. The appointment created or February is completely gone. Now, it will be quite tough for me to create another schedule for appointments as it will create chaos with other meetings.”

The appointments are stored in the calendar and when you witness that Outlook calendar appointments are missing, then you need to look for the probable causes and methods to recover them.

Why do appointments are missing in Outlook?

  • Generally, the Outlook account is synced on the mobile phone as well as the desktop version. So, if the user has deleted some appointment mistakenly on the mobile phone, then it will appear on the desktop also.
  • To keep the size of the data file optimizable, Outlook constantly moves the older data. If the appointments are older, then they will be moved also.
  • The user may have accidentally deleted appointments randomly.
  • If you have enabled auto-archive, then it will move the items to the archive folder after the fixed days.
  • Third-party programs have got permission to modify the data in Outlook.

How to recover Outlook calendar appointments?

To fix the problems related to Outlook calendar appointments are missing, you can use multiple methods depending on the symptom of the error.

Method-1. Check the retention policy

The retention policies are set on each item of the mailbox. It also applies to the calendar entries. You should check the retention policy assigned by the Administrator. If the Default Policy tag is set to ‘Delete and allow recovery, then you can go to Recoverable Items Folder and restore the calendar.

Method-2. Turn Off caching in Outlook

You can turn off caching for the shared folder and Outlook will try to fix the problem for missing appointments.

  • In Outlook, click File, then choose Account Settings>>Account Settings.
  • Choose your account and click the Change button.
  • Click More Settings.
  • Go to the Advanced tab and check the ‘Download Shared Folder’ option.
  • Uncheck the Download Shared Folder option, and save the settings.
Method-3. Check the anti-virus program

When you are using the anti-virus program, then it checks the content of Outlook also. When the appointments in your calendar start to miss, then you should check because the anti-virus program may find any entry suspicious and delete it.

Method-4. Recover the deleted appointments from the corrupt PST file

The above-mentioned methods denote some problems in Outlook, but they cannot help in recovering the deleted items. There are some problems in Outlook that can occur at any time like corruption or abrupt deletion. If Outlook is showing any error, then you can recognize the problem but many times, Outlook does not show any error, but you need to recognize the symptoms of corruption.

You should use Inbox Repair Tool that is inbuilt in Outlook and you can use it to scan the Outlook PST file to check the possible corruptions.

Final Words

When the Outlook PST file is corrupt, then Inbox Repair Tool can check for the simpler issues but it can recover the deleted items. It can only make smaller amendments. So, you should use professional PST repair software that can recover all the mailbox including the calendar. Some professional software retrieves the items and allows you to see the preview of recovered items. You can check that software has fixed the issue “Outlook calendar appointments are missing”. Then you can save the appointment selectively in the new or existing PST file.

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