Inbox Repair Tool to Repair Corrupt Outlook PST File

With mail being the quintessential mode of communication among professionals, the number of Outlook users is increasing day by day. Outlook manages the mails most effectively and hence most popular among email users. It stores Outlook files including mailbox files, contacts, email folders etc in Personalized Storage Table (PST) format. This PST file has a particular storage limit (2 GB) which is needed to be kept in mind as over-sized PST file results in various kinds of errors. With increase in the size of PST file, Outlook requires more resources to complete the task and hence it becomes slower and prone to errors. At times, while launching Outlook application user come across error which says “Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook Window.” This may be the result of either corrupted or over-sized PST file.


When such issues or errors are encountered Inbox Repair Tool is your first-aid. Inbox Repair Tool or ‘scanpst.exe’ is the inbuilt repair tool which is provided with Outlook free of cost for repairing corrupted PST file. First of all it scans the corrupted PST file which is stored locally in the hard drive to verify the file structure. It also restores the structure and rebuilds the file header in case the file structure is not found intact. ‘Scanpst.exe’ can be found in Program files in 32-bit Windows and in Program Files (x86) in case of 64-bit Windows. After locating the file, following steps could be followed to run this executable file.

  • MS Outlook application is needed to be closed at first before launching this repair tool.
  • Go to the default location where the file is stored depending on the Windows and Outlook version and run ‘scanpst.exe’. Use Windows search function in case one cannot locate the file.
  • Enter the name of the PST file which is needed to be repaired or select the file through ‘Browse’ option which enlists all the PST files.
  • Click ‘Options’ to change the default new log file creation during scan to no log file creation or to append to already existing file.
  • Click ‘Start’ which will first do the analysis and then will display the result.
  • In case any kind of error is encountered during scan, select ‘Repair’ to start the repair process. You can also change the name and location of the backup file created at this step.
  • Launch the Outlook application with the profile that has the PST file which you repaired.
  • Go to the Folder list view in the Folder Pane.

In the folder pane ‘Recovered Personal Folder’ contains default mail folder and ‘Lost and Found Folder’ comprises recovered mail items. Create a new PST file in your profile and move recovered items which are there in the ‘Lost and Found Folder’ to the new data file.

To recover damaged pst file using third party PST repair tool.