Best Way to Remove Outlook PST File from OneDrive

The PST data files can be huge and occupy a lot of space on your OneDrive account. In case you have a large number of PST files on your OneDrive account and want to remove Outlook PST file from OneDrive, here is the solution.

OneDrive is a cloud storage service from Microsoft, and it has become quite popular with users. Many users are using OneDrive as their primary data storage and backup location. So, it’s a good idea that users can remove Outlook PST file from OneDrive, as the PST file is sometimes not compatible with the online storage service.

Moving files around are often challenging, especially with gigabyte-sized files such as Outlook PST. Outlook PST files are extensive collections of personal data, including emails, contacts, and other files. Because of the large size, moving PST files can be a chore. Fortunately, Microsoft offers a way to make it easier. In this article, we’ll show you how to remove an Outlook PST data file from OneDrive and move it to a different folder.

Why it is Needed to Remove Outlook PST File from OneDrive?

There are several reasons for the same. Here in the below section, you can find a few of them. Have a Look!!.

  • In case when a PST file has a massive amount of data and OneDrive takes more than usual time to sync.
  • Storing a large PST file can take or utilize all the storage of a free OneDrive account.

There are many more reasons depending upon the user’s needs & requirements. Now, let’s proceed with the steps to remove the Outlook PST file from the OneDrive account.

Best Way to Remove Outlook PST File from OneDrive

Follow the below steps respectively to remove PST files from the OneDrive account.

  1. Close your Outlook application and wait until OneDrive gets synchronized.
  2. After that, open your file explorer and navigate to the path C:\Users\[username]\OneDrive\Documents\Outlook Files.
  3. After navigating the above path, choose the PST file you need to remove. Copy the same file and paste it into another directory.
  4. Now, allocate a new to the copied PST file.
  5. Restart your Outlook application after assigning a name to the PST file.
  6. Click the File menu option and choose Account settings.
  7. From the Email tab, choose the account name and tap the Change folder button.
  8. Again, select the account name and click on the New Outlook data file option.
  9. In the next step, navigate to the copied PST file created in the initial phase. Select the copied PST file and press the OK button to back into the Email account lists.
  10. After that, expand the Data files tab. Select the PST data file that will be included with the OneDrive name and click on the Remove button.
  11. Finally, you will be asked for confirmation; click Yes.

These are the steps to remove Outlook PST file from OneDrive. Anyone who needs to remove PST from OneDrive can use the steps to complete their task efficiently.

The Bottom Line

Saving or storing a PST file in the Microsoft OneDrive account can create various technical issues like synchronization of OneDrive, etc. The write-up is focused on those users who need to remove Outlook PST file from OneDrive.

However, if you need to save or store PST files in the OneDrive account without facing any technical issues; you can use reliable third-party PST Splitter software to split your large PST files into multiple more diminutive sizes.

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