4 Ways to Repair Corrupt MKV Video Files

Have you ever tried to play a video file that ends up crashing and stops in the middle of the movie? It usually occurs when playing MKV (Matroska Multimedia Container) files. MKV is one of the most popular multimedia container formats, especially for HD video quality. These formats allow multiple audio and video codecs to be played simultaneously within the same file. So it’s a problem if your videos won’t play or if they are constantly glitching out while you’re watching them. The reason behind this could very well be due to damaged footage. If your MKV video is giving you issues like getting stuck or freezing partway through playing, there is a good chance that they might not be damaged too badly and can be salvaged with an MKV repair tool. Below will discuss how to go about repairing your corrupt MKV files including which ones are good for use over others!

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What are the Reasons for Corrupt and Broken MKV Video Files?

There are multiple reasons responsible for corruption in MKV video files. Here are some of them. Have a look!

  • Sometimes, with the immediate loss of internet connectivity, the .mkv video can get corrupted.
  • Corruption in the MKV files leads to the breaking of the video header.
  • Sudden loss of power supply can also be a cause of damage to the MKV video files.
  • Video files are downloaded from unreliable websites or sources.
  • Compressing a video file can corrupt MKV video files.
1st Method: Repair Corrupt and Broken MKV Video Files using VLC Media Player

Fix the corrupt MKV video using VLC Media Player. VLC Player is also used as MKV Video repair to repair and recover minor corruption from the corrupt MKV video files. VLC is a high-end open-source media player & compatible with several devices. It is supportable in Windows, Mac, Linux, and UNIX OS. Below are the steps to follow for repairing corrupt MKV video files.

  • Firstly rename the .mts video file to AVI.
  • Now, open your VLC Media Player from your PC or Laptop.
  • Click on the Tools menu and select the Preferences option. (OR) Press the Ctrl+P from your keyboard.
  • From the Input/Codec section, click the drop-down of the option Damaged or incomplete AVI file & choose Always fix.
  • At last, click the Save button to apply the setting for repairing the video files.
2nd Method: Download the MKV Video File

There are huge chances of being downloaded the video files from unauthorized websites or sources. However, the video files downloaded from any unauthorized sources can cause corrupt MKV video files. Besides, incomplete transfer of video files can also make users face corruption in their MKV video files. Hence, we strongly suggest users download videos from authorized sources or transfer the complete video files.

3rd Method: Change the Video Media Player

Most of the time it has been seen that the MKV video file is not supportable in the Video player of the users. Thus, changing the video media player is the best way to get rid of the corrupt video issues.

If fails to repair corrupt and broken MKV video files by applying the above methods. It indicates the severe error in your MKV video files. However, need not worry about this to repair severely damaged video files. In the below section, you will find an automatic & reliable video repair tool to repair severely corrupt video files.

4th Method: Repair Corrupt and Broken MKV Video Files Using Third-Party Tool

One fails to repair corrupt .mkv video files by the above solutions, which indicates the video file is corrupted. Therefore, we have mentioned an automated and advanced third-party utility to repair corrupt and broken MKV video files. Video Repair tool supports the repair of almost all types and formats of video files, including MKV video format. It has a simple and self-possessive GUI for a quick and efficient recovery process.

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There are a lot of reasons why your MKV video files might become corrupted. Perhaps you accidentally deleted the files from your computer. Maybe you moved to a new place and your old computer was lost. Whatever the reason, it’s not hard to end up with broken MKV files. Fortunately, if you have the software and know-how, you can repair these broken MKV video files and get back to watching them. Users can also try some best video repair tools which use new technology to scan corrupt video files.

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  1. The blog has shared four amazing solutions for repairing corrupt and broken MKV video files, along with good information about the reasons for the corruption of this video format. I repaired my video file using the first method, and the result was amazing. I appreciate this blog for providing good solutions to fix the errors.

  2. I have a corrupted MKV video file. I want to repair these video files. I used the video repair tool that is mentioned in the blog post. With this tool, I can easily repair my MKV video files. It has many advanced features. Thanks for sharing this information.

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